weekly Tweets #20


good day sunshine. hope your weekend was great. with that i give you the day to build your week

stop spinning issac

[psst] are you alright ..

[shhh] i want to know ..

i shall end my inquisition upon which we may anticipate an answer of. one that would calm

it will bring rain to oklahoma ..

stay save to all the pubs, restaurants, and small businesses along the gulf.

cut power to isaac

estimated 30hrs more before isaac eases up on coastal pounding. no good

wellsy dellsy, then. shall we ..

freshly mowed lawn eau de cologne

wondering how princess is doing

you people do realize that the world is not flat. or ..

a damn that can’t hold back water isn’t worth a damn

that would be your struggle with coordination not your desire to not do something

pleasantries of patio pints painting pictures of a summer passing

political pundits pondering perspective people polls

absolutely the brightside. can’t see in the dark. life

it’s one of those kitchen table, read and doodle, dibble and dabble with java joe jiving while listening to … wineradio with @tdmulligan

enthralled engrossed encompassed enameled ..no, no no that’s not right ..enlighten [that’s better]

bored rainy days .. have your kids draw a word [the art of being creative]

something unruraly about the citylife

suburban country squires shield the night

the tall knight’s horse tale

the distressed princess gown bedazzled

the weight you feel when heavy thoughts have left ..

i can hear silence

while white noise projects a colorful nuance

it’s the reference we don’t hear that worry

unlike the neighbors gate swinging. which is not white noise and i can hear it. totally pisses me off. that is it ..



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