the scenario, yo

i’m continuing with the theme started last week of trying to explain how this site became to be and how i decided to create the various topics i discuss weekly. today’s delayed weekly is about the scenario, yo.

my week is based on observations of interacting on social media and content covered by traditional media with bits and pieces of my life tossed in. i wanted to create an introduction statement with it’s own theme based title.

i should also give credit to a few folks to whom i interact with on occasion that provide me with some heads up as to some of their life’s observations. i simply can’t not be everywhere all the time and in order for this blog to grow into something unique i recognize the necessary vertical and horizontal contribution required. i believe in the importance of building a foundation of where the content will come from for a consistent weekly.

what do these places have in common? shopping mall, gas stations, car dealerships, race tracks, fitness studios, bike rides, walks, camping, dining out, grocery shopping, traveling, classroom, boardroom, art studio, social media and traditional media … this is where we get the pubservation content.

summarize the events of the past week and we have the scenario, yo

* next week we explain mixology psychology


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