colours of Change

august 27th to september 2nd | 2011

scenario, yo
we are continuing the series on how the pubservation got started and the weekly themes. we also horsed around. thoughtfully remembered back to school days with a weirdly written short. all and more while summer falls into next season bringing the colours of change.

the scenario, yo [click]

mixology psychology
the natural entanglement of the english language entitles us to weave words on the internet’s web like spider-bots captured on fly paper. something like that ..

diners club
bistro pubs listing on the bottom left column. where we left off last spring is where we will begin again, doing the steakout at the various locales. bottle of red .. of course. i heard from another blogger that gordon ramsay’s restaurant in las vegas serves up a mean steak. giddy-up.

the instant twitter accounts. empty chair episode confirming clint’s aging process. we were kept updated about hurricane isaac. only CNN left the GOP conference for more relevant worldly news about the hurricane. they could of taped the GOP propaganda and no one would know the difference. of course the GOP also ignored hurricane katrina …. hmmm

weekly tweets #20 [click]

soooooooo … what does mitt do again? lawyer for who? more about this later ..

the first time you ask someone about their knowledge on a topic is when you will learn the true answer. the day they asked mitt about business and world issues he clearly had no clue. after months of teaching him what to say he still hasn’t defined what he does, nor has anybody else. business is about first impressions not party favorites.

all the little humans are starting school. the mid size humans are continuing school. more full size humans should of stayed i school.

a school night [click]

all the humans going back wearing the new treads. who cares about clothing when you can have technology gadgets to play with, learn with and stay in touch with your friends. i think we know who will graduate with skillsets vs clothing sets.

healthy finesse
takes a little bit of time to get used to the weather change but it is nicer for the long runs or rides. farm fresh food season is upon us …. hmm. food could be a catalyst for your colours of change.

some horseback riding sans saddle and bridle. bareback with the halter and single lead option. a tricky went horsey started to slip and slide in the mud and i started to slip and slide in the opposite direction. all good, keeps you alert thou. bike riding all the time while the weather is fair. still lots of gardening to do. the weather is interesting with this rain and warmth. i have noticed no leaves on the ground or any sign that the leaves will drop anytime soon. which means we need a heat wave to dry things out … or wind [blah]

she says … he says
what’s that going to cost us … us? you mean me

for helping, for cooperating, for listening, for asking, for paying attention, for responding, for teaching and for just being there.

moral, yo
kinda funny how i’m teaching readers about this blog history while the little humans begin, continue or return. back to school season is really more than just colours of change, yo

blogging, yo
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