weekly Tweets #19


it’s so sad when people leave our life early | we then become those who you remember for leaving your life early | our life cycle

[short whistle] whoops!

meanwhile: back from the brink | the unplanned trip that seems to be bestowed onto thou

the asylum of self-admittance to which you are both patient and practitioner always pleases when you self-discharge

case study: over reaction | constant direction change | ignore unknowns = solution conclusion: don’t be hasty casey | everything takes time

excuse me lady are you a diver? no, why do you ask. “because i think you just went over the deep end” [run away]

precariously perched on the nest of cuckoos anticipating the inevitable fly over ..

please, at least be consistently weird | wavering in and out of logic is confusing

again with the tornado watches | this is starting to spin out of control

doctor of spin turning the tables while cloudy head thunder reigns aloft

eggs empty of nest cracks elders up as life is an omelette [how do you like your’s] scrambled, over-easy, fried, poached?

she’s my kinda crazy. i like that

in love season. fall. i like that, too

people expressing themselves. that’s good

gene kelly weather here for his 100th | nothing to sing about though #yegwx

nope, k

when i see you, i see me. i like that

some feel good stuff first or after or both. and for who. i have an idea.

applecakes | sammysung | yorker news| yeah yeah yeah. the horse is done folks, stop the beating

ur day sats

to the moon alice .. we’ll have some cheese and watch the cows jump over

i see silence staring into the night sky while dancing stars make all the noise ..



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