[one step] Instructions

hello, folks. allow me to explain the [one step] instructions on how to read something that is fresh and original.  i understand that many of you grammar police and those uncreative people have a tough time venturing into the world of wonder. without someone leading the way in creative writing methods that challenge the norm, you would have nothing to read. i’m not trying to create a new writing style, i’m just having some fun. so, let me explain to those of you who just landed on this planet how the pubservation is written.

while sitting in a public house with friends and strangers, observing the ongoing habits of staff and customers lead me to create the story line of my weekly. i noticed that everybody discussed the same current affairs; entertainment news; latest food recipes; music and movies … the list goes on. i also noticed that through social media that everyone else around the world was discussing the same issues. today’s world of instant social media, we have become privy to a plethora of information.

so, sitting down at a local establishment a few years back during a winter storm is when i began to think about how i would write my weekly thoughts. the name pubservation came to mind very quickly. i then started to think about the method of writing and whether i should use grammar or slang or short story or point by point … you will notice that i have chosen the point by point method.

the other glaring observation i had was the way people contributed to the conversation of observation topics. you could not hear grammar in any conversation and not once did i hear a capital letter or punctuation marks.  people were just speaking randomly as if creating one long sentence composed of miscellaneous facts and opinions. however, i could hear and see other observations that i have chosen to leave out. like religion, ethnicity, culture, education, accents, gestures and speech impediments. at that point i decided to write in the same manner in which i observed the pubservation way. a neutral viewpoint about the oddities of humanity and how we respond and interact together.

do you recall some of the greatest literary works written by william shakespeare. have you read any of his works? if you graduated high school you should of read several. in fact high school english discussed how old english was transformed into modern english. i would also assume that many of you have heard the english language spoken with many accents that are border line comprehensible. yet, these individuals are able to type the language with clarity and ease. isn’t that weird.

oh, did you know i also have a blog titled ‘weirdly written’ [click]


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