one small Step

august 20th to august 26th | 2011

scenario, yo
i can remember those days when all the kids gathered in the school gym to watch an image relayed back to earth to a b&w television set. staggering when you think of it. mental and physical sacrifices for humankind. all in one small step.

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mixology psychology
quality of technology has dramatically increased with that small step while the quality of humankind has taken huge steps backwards.

pet projects = couples wishing to raise a human as a pet or singles wishing to raise a pet as a human.

the human pet project followed in the footsteps of technology. a generation raised by the tv, vcr, dvd, video games, computer, cell phone and now the smart phone. software is now the given platform in determining your human pet’s response to life. most of which is not that smart. human pets need to slow down when entering the realm of adulthood, try taking small baby steps.

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i did lots of business travel and always offer free tips and advice. the business of adventure travel designing, selling and testing adventure clothing, luggage, packs and gear. our gear was for earth exploration only. we contributed to the highest peaks, ocean research, frozen climates and extreme backcountry environments. with this knowledge our team would offer advice to young and old wishing to travel or who are currently traveling the world [without – atm, credit cards, cell phones, gps, internet …] adventure travel has big business despite the lack of adventure. space travel is doing the same now. the human pet projects have no idea about the significance of those who took the first small steps.

on occasion, i have tried to educate the 20-somethings about the importance of asking questions before they set-off on their first travel adventure. unfortunately, most of these human pet projects only know how to type single words into a browser to receive any information.  sadly, the ability to formulate or articulate a question has become limited. however, the non-human pet projects of the same age bracket are very receptive to asking questions and like the suggestions and solutions. before you venture off on your first steps, why not learn some step by step ..

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healthy finesse
keeping track of time in space. the technology and advancements that stemmed from adventure travel and space travel have greatly changed the way we train for fitness. we have sports based on time. we have adventures based on finding your way. health technology features on your wrist to monitor your pace. the human pet projects of today will participate in a activity because of the digital gadgets. technology that was used to track those few who actually challenged themselves has now gone mainstream.

the current trend of past human pet projects raising the next generation of human pets.  using social media to inform your followers about your child takes precedence over actually attending to the child’s needs. lots of followers going in the wrong direction doesn’t make it the right direction. hopefully, the bad parenting trend is just a fad on the runway steps of life.

we can always tell when a human pet has worked on a tourism website. these people whom have never been anywhere, can’t use a map, don’t know directions, and won’t talk to actual people with prior knowledge about what they need to know. so, we end up with a gobbledygook of content with no relevance – yawn.

bike ride
nobody should take enhancement drugs. nor should you raise human pet projects. so, choosing between being hounded by the world’s unaccomplished human pet projects perhaps spending time with your children and raising them accordingly is more important. raising money to help fight a disease vs the current foundations run by corporations and pharmaceuticals for profit. people with accomplishments being brought down by their peers and those who will never have any significant accomplishments. live life strong one small step at a time.

she says .. he says
why are you doing that … because you told me to [when are you leaving, again]

for taking us into outer space. our lives have changed because of those very few people taking chances for change. in a social world growing with followers we will always look back on those few leaders.

moral, yo
break out of the mold. stop following because someone else is following, try leading for once. sprint to the front and see how long you can stay. train and educate yourself and maybe you will lead the human race one day. don’t rush – it starts with one small Step.

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