weekly Tweets #18


always amusing when a union rep clarifies that without Wally aligning bolt A with nut B the quality would simply not be there [what]

it doesn’t smell good so you are gonna taste it anyway … hummm, interesting

you would never know if you were those people ..

all property is income property for someone

cheque checking czech checked the check | checkamundo

use it as a tool and a fuel and you will burn brighter ..

annnnnnnd … coffee has worn off [short whistle]

invent something that doesn’t exist | improve on existing invention | just want to buy an invention = population demographics

another version | those who create the business model | those who redefine the business model | those who work for those = ppl demographics

80/20 is a 3-part theory | the 3rd part is that 20% is also determined by the 80/20 theory | hence 3 parts = ppl demographics

those who did and those who didn’t | those who did can tell the difference between those who and did and didn’t | diders stay doing .. done

been there | done that | wrote the book

becoming unglued | at the seams | hem undone

unfit | unkind | unruly

inappropriate | inexplicable | insubordinate = negatives in’s

outside | outward | outlook = positive outs

i’m outstanding in my field ..

the best things in life are free .. or really, really, really expensive

i tried to tweet a @pinterest horse photo with caption and instead i end up tweeting someones shoe .. wtf [no puns please]

i have an idea

tad pooched here. hawt too

i’m whelmed over

if if if if if. look, it’s quite simple. you just stay here and make sure he doesn’t leave the room. but but but. no, you stay here ..

but, if he was to leave the room and i went with him. no, you stay here and make sure he doesn’t leave the room. but but but. no ..




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