summer shadows Play

august 12th to august 20th | 2012

scenario, yo
love this time of year. the shadows begin to lengthen as summer draws to a close. our summers are like little fun memory bank fillers. warm weather dancing outside while thunder lights fire in the sky. we play until dusk and wake up early at dawn. day grow shorter while crops grow longer during the summer shadows play, yo

mixology psychology
i always reflect on my summers. the anticipation of warm sun begins the first of spring’s shine. the moon shine’s brightest for harvest. our stories of summer seem to lengthen as we age with the shadows of time. life is but a play being acted without a script. we have become characters in the summer shadows play.

i must admit i do neglect the facebook thing. i rarely check it. we are becoming a twitterverse. to many words are allowed on facebook. to many photos of people’s pet and philosophy phrases for those to live by. i linked the twitter to facebook page once again. that should scare off the few likes that i do have or i’ll just stop tweeting as much.

weekly Tweets #18 [click]

i talked about and tweeted about the 80/20 rule of business. i defined the rule as a 3-parter. i’ll explain that later. basically, it is about the people demographics on a whole. you should always know your demographics before developing your business plan. the lowest common denominator of demographics is that 80% of the people work for 20% of the people. you build your plan to cater to those people types. the 3rd group is based on 80/20 rule as well. of the 20% group they are also divided into 80% run or own companies based on another business model. the remaining 20% have invented their business model. if you do the math – it equals 4% are the originators. so, therefore the money is in the lower 80%. [wallmart or target] vs [bloomingdales or nordstrum]

she says … he says
i want you to drive before you fall asleep … i was asleep

so far so good. we have stacked up the memories and still getting more everyday. the festival season is drawing to a close. oddly enough with north america’s largest outdoor summer street theatre festival- the fringe

moral, yo
we play on memories. we joke about memories. what we laugh at determines how we shared in similar memories. leave the movie theatre and watch outdoors under the sunset while summer shadows play, yo

blogging, yo
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