weekly Tweets #17


no judge or referee should ever determine an out come | performance determines the out come

@jack_welch | as in the dude behind @generalelectric | tweeting | of course i’ll follow you | but, you better keep tweeting, buddy ..

anyhoo .. some freestyle dribble later [L-word]

linguistic language journey of live a little | love a little

warning: written words may seem closer than they mean [L-word]

life | live | let | landing | learn | love [L-word] tuesday

a picture can create a 1000 words | 1 word can create a 1000 thoughts | each being unique to the individual

where you have been and where you are at now defines your interpretation of a word or picture | then we fine tune | tenure of life

separate fantasy from reality | good will come to you | build all your faculties to accept | you will be rewarded | unannouced

don’t seek what’s not lost | don’t throw away what you have | share what you have learned [L-word]

i do get some pretty weird emotional interpretations from my creations | which tells me i’m going in the right direction | always signal

maybe we need to spend more time creating good memories | overload the good side so we spend less time thinking about the bad side

whether written or visual my creative is for you to interpret | hopefully you will find resolve | create a good memory

don’t live life to the lyrics of a song | live your life then write the song | sing to us why you belong

sorting through this thing called life .. savvy

collective cognitive concoctions confuse communication

contrasting colours complimenting common continuums

hey, it’s midweek. lets twist again like we did last summer [a hippy hippy shake, yo]

peculiarity is my specialty

.. pooched i say

irreconcilable similarities

simple conundrums

implicit subservience

outside the inner sanctums of secular seclusion our secret societies intrigue [what]

hysterical hypothetical hyperbole hypnotized her highness [h-word]

madge behind the deli counter is wrapping the cheese like i’m taking it to mars

@MarsCuriosity i want to hug the girl | 3rd row | second seat | that is it ..



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