anger management rules

august 6th to august 12th | 2012

scenario, yo
our curiosity peaked then landed all within 7 seconds. the closing theatrics will commence soon. bad referee calls and soccer players showcasing their diving skills out of pool. someone needs some anger management rules, yo

mixology psychology
the women’s handbook on anger management rules are themed around complaining about men in their life.

the men’s handbook on anger management rules are themed on fun things to do and see and accomplish in their life.

disrespectful youth using social media to mock and mimic the elderly [disgraceful]. using terms like gramps | granny | slowpoke | old folk … miss-guided youth that we all must contend with even online. meanwhile, an olympian with actual accomplishments in life overheard some punks in front of her telling an elderly couple to walk faster. she retweeted their comment and was thinking about tripping the punks on the escalator [however, she used her adult anger management rules and not her foot]

weekly tweets #17 [click]

it was nice having an online chat with @generalelectric marketing firm from new york. we discussed @jack_welch and his business acumen. people in the know used to refer to business methodology as “jack’s way”. if i gave a lecture or presentation to any group – i would make a reference saying “that’s what jack would do”. the people who got it, got it | those who didn’t, didn’t. i could determine your business acumen.

anyhow, i have to sort out some naming issues between trade, brand , op co. and hold co. all with matching website and social media platforms [not so fun].

art of being creative
creating is a reflection of your experiences in life “good or bad” and how you resolved the issues.

talking to a non-creative folk is liking staring at a blank canvas.

all kids have the creative bug to invent and play. sadly, it’s the adults take that away.

the intellectual sophistication of the creative mind is always a delight.

taking someone on a cerebral journey of the creative mind knowing they cannot follow also delights.

she says … he says
you need some anger management rules … i don’t think anybody could manage your anger

for the people coming home late from work and stop by your local to ask if anyone needs a ride home. good management.

moral, yo
our curiosity is what creates. our interest is what encourages. our conflicts are what causes. when your mind and body is not busy – you will say and do the wrong things. always keep your mind and body busy and apply the anger management rules, yo

blogging, yo
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