weekly Tweets #16


hot & hail magazine [july issue no. 9]

shirt no. 2. | mosquito bite no. 9 [daily stats]

the always popular circulating air mass

active weather isn’t fit

you know your lawn is water logged when ponds form. just ducky

cutie patootie | hottie patottie | syncro diving

right off the cover of tennis magazine | this match is

kids are looking good on the gym apparatus as swell

the sport i’m watching just so happens to be the longest match in olympic history | mens singles tennis

poor hot dog didn’t stand a chance | nor secondary | or tertiary treat | pepper with hot | sauer with kraut

hello, weirdos

everybody giving their logic

whether thesaurus network

sweat night | dream good

stupid meter redlined

justifying your viewpoint by referring to what you heard or someone else did | doesn’t fly in the realm of things | what did you do

let me guess .. [china]

buffy will take care of it ..

the buff-ster | buff-a-rama | buff-a-roo | buff-a-lo | bison [what]

she had a peculiar personality that pleasantly pleased people [p-word]

wow wee | that must be jello | cause jam don’t shake like that .. [what]

technically, i would have preferred the penne to be a tad more al dante | but, you go with what you got

august earth position is noticeable with the slightly cooler days despite the daily temperature being consistent

car show anyone?



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