long Hot summer

july 30th to august 5th | 2012

scenario, yo
we turn the page another month with the sun ripe rays or rain filled days. thunderstorms pounding by clouds clashing. buckets of hail on the seasonal festivals. the long hot summer in august is smashing.

mixology psychology
they say “get a good nights sleep” you’ll feel better in the morning. what about a couple hours sleep in the morning – is that any good for you? rain cools things off nicely, until the thunder and lightning starts crashing outside. how nice of the hot humid weather to freshen up just in time to hit the long summer snooze button.

diners club
I never thought i’d say this, never mind typing it in a blog post – i’m already anticipating the first fall friday night diners club return. yes, it seems i’m starting to resemble the hot dogs, hamburgers, and festival food that i have consumed so far. let’s not mention the hot beverage cart ..

tweeting about the olympics and reading the odd twitter feed is entertaining indeed, for the first couple days. most of the people that i follow also follow the same people yet, they all feel the need to tweet at speed. last nights thunderous blitz of lightning glamour was tweeted among all with their iphone. perhaps hoping to catch a live sighting of something long narrow and funnel shaped touching down.

weekly tweets #16 [click]

healthy finesse
after several tire and tube issues on the mountain bike, i will complete the season on the road bike. i have lots of off-season work to upgrade and transform the bike into another cycling platform. this of course will allow me to build up a touring bike. i have missed several of the charity rides and recreational tour de funs over the years. so, with new touring bike next summer i shall return. august days have been split between 40km mtb or 40km road one day and doubling up the second day doing both mtb and road for 80km [morning | evening] long hot summer weather has made morning rides necessary.

weekend and weekday side trips only so far this summer. will probably wait for early september to sort something out. i have plenty of friends and acquaintances that have moved to a warmed climate. that ability to run, swim, ride, sup, paddle, row, ski, hike … all year around and not just in the long hot summer months is becoming very appealing.

the long hot summer [1958] – paul newman, joanne woodward, tony franciosa, orson welles, lee remick, angela lansbury, richard anderson

she says … he says
what’s the name of the arch thing in st. louis … st. louis arch

for some of the people some of the time having fun just at the right time this long hot summer.

blogging, yo
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