weekly Tweets #15


bin’ a slice folks. but my hair needs rest as it’s attached to my skull …

what up Jokes | the Pub servation http://bit.ly/NPlo2U  [laugh already]

beethoven | flash mob | http://wp.me/pHyea-11e  [witness the power of creative genius to a child]

continuing the ongoing quest for weirdly perfection. one sets forth ..

.. secure outdoor furniture. say no more. point taken [batten down the hatches]

is it heavy? than it’s expensive, put it down.

perturbability of perturbing perturbation theorical permutations [what]

rain | thunder | lightning cometh

planet earth needs an intellectual collective taking action to solve global issues. a non-partisan group/non-profit group. our future

we have to much of nothing and not enough of everything

answer – environmentally/economically, who ever is pillaging/refining/shipping/receiving alberta oil should pay a fee. next question

politically correct | military intelligence | anticipated serendipity | anxious patient | bird dog | corporate ethics [oxymorons]

calmly, collectively, confusion sets forth our conclusion of concealed confidence

war is the consequence of not comprehending the connotation complexities

this opening ceremony stuff is fabulous. celebrating children and storytelling. i like that

mr. bean playing ‘chariots of fire’ proper british humor, indeed

there’s got to be a monty python segment next

pop culture and 80’s retro music. excellent

paul mccartney has beatle hair. that is it

jude jude da jude da judy judy judy

whatever happened to the amateur only rules for the olympics. celebration of sport vs cash



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