five ring Circus

july 23rd to july 29th | 2012

scenario, yo
a week of festivals continues. food and beverage to compliment a outdoor rock & roll weekend. tasting food from around the world. one city trying to find an identity while another city celebrates its contribution to the world circus. best showcase of the famous five ring circus, yo

mixology psychology
the world is turning into a circus. everyday we hear and see the clowns acting out. people performances for that selected audience. oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive. who knew the circus would play out this way on the world wide web – thank you tim berners-lee.

diners club
food truck galore. who is going to restaurants in the summer when the best weather and entertainment is outdoors.  food truck size servings at some of the patios are a clever alternative. adjusting the menu for the season is always a delight. good advice from the top restaurants in town is to always change your menu based on available ingredients. all chefs/owners agree that education and proper technique create the difference. which all makes good sense because would you keep going to the circus if it was the same every year?

the first olympic games were social media will be simultaneously interacting with the people’s circus. whether someone is live from piccadilly circus or the contained olympic cauldron – we will be informed. broadcasted live across the internet with repeat performances on demand at the click of the mouse. the elephant in the room, used to be social media. now it’s the ring leader.

weekly tweets #15 [click]

it would be nice if the world circus stopped the theatrics for a couple weeks. the world is a stage and all eyes are on london. yet, we have people exiting their homeland because of political greed and military implements. while on the other end of the circus tent a nation argues over the need for any clown to purchase military implements. bad performance all around.

social media also opens the door to your educational background. tweets complimenting the creative genius of danny boyle. showcasing united kingdom’s world changing contributions through storytelling. using a clever segue to guide the audience through history with comic and entertaining theatrics. of course some comments on social media by public and press clearly showed their lack of historical education. those less-informed folks anticipating a criminal mind to hip hop and dance while lip-singing to electronic beats … tweeted their scholarship.

healthy finesse
work out and train for your moment in the spotlight. money should be thrown at training and not lifestyling. millionaire athletes competing against amateurs is not the way the olympics was meant to be. media has turned this event into a circus and i don’t think that’s healthy for the next generation.

millionaire sponsored athletes are getting all the camera time. i would only imagine that the media covering the events are cashing in on the sponsorship money. the camera doesn’t show the unrecognized athlete. it’s all about retailing the fashionable aspects of the sports. is there any fashion in shot-put or javelin. how about the millionaire tv hosts of some countries that wear $500+ loafers. you would have to be very arrogant to even think [if you think] about wearing such items. it’s people like that who turn the olympics into a three-ring- circus.

nothing clarifies being uncultured than a recent tweet [stating] the opening ceremonies were broadcasted in british, and hopefully they will be re-broadcasted in english. [hand wave over head moment] this is why you should stay in school folks, assuming your school actually teaches something about the world. if your education system isn’t up to speed – try traveling around.

she says … he says
i’m just throwing it out there … well, maybe someone will catch

the physical education teachers, the coaches, the trainers and all the athletic therapist that have helped the olympians get to the circus tent.

moral, yo
these fabulous world class events that bring the world together should help unite us all. yet, we still have conflict around the world. meanwhile, we still have people who want to arm themselves against their neighbors. a first world civil war would be quit the three-ring-circus, yo

blogging, yo
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