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scenario, yo
wheeling thru life without stopping for a pitstop. life in the fast lane. do you obey the signs in life. do you practice all the right signals you have been taught along the roadway. does your mind race aimlessly with misguided information. perhaps it’s time to get a new road map with less ups and downs. slow down with less zoom zoom zoom, yo

mixology psychology
having a fill up at the local pit stop and chatting about life’s maintenance tips. what would be the alternative opening line to weather plans whether? how in the health are you? hitting the road for a holiday are you? learn anything new this week or just complaining about last ..

diners club
here’s a salad recipe i make throughout summer

geek greek salad [click]

tragic events unfolding again. unfortunately, the media always defers to social media as the catalyst. clearly the media are not bright enough to understand how these ideas are placed into the heads of these wackos. people living a life of bullying begin to act out content to which they grew up watching. there is nothing fast about their actions – these violent acts are usually very well planned out. top rated movies|tv shows| video games that are winning awards showcasing violence acts have become socially acceptable. featuring violent acts as entertainment numbs the sensitivity to violence. combined with news networks showcasing the latest violent act as commercial revenue and you continue to ignite the next fire. [zoom zoom boom]

weekly tweets #14 [click]

since when do we care what china or russia think about syria’s violence. china and russia are just like the girl trying to get attention for argument sake – pick the other side despite having no defense to the issue. try asking them to defend their side and faster than a speeding indy car the gals get more angry and defensive [zoom zoom yawn]

time for the media to learn something really fast. stop your fast conclusions of thinking people will stop going to theatres. did people stop going shopping, cafes, workplace, post office, restaurants, schools, parks, sporting events …

social media discusses these acts and does not encourage the acts. social media helps identify locations and the problems so the police | fire | media can on the scene.

i don’t even want to discuss the fact you can buy those implements to carry out these hideous acts of retaliation. retailing on the internet is an additional distribution network to sell legal items to a region. online store or store front – the problem is that these items are legal.

healthy finesse
try eating high water content foods when the days are hotter. your body will hydrate faster. less coffee and sodas on hotter days. did you know that eating a higher content of omega 3’s will help diminish the desire to act violent [zoom]

fast food [shhh] it’s the time of the year for anything, anywhere type food.  fair food fare.

we have a generation of over imaginative gals who grew up with the cell phone to gossip the latest dribble. gossip is never fashionable and those who do are best left ignored. anyhow, what’s with the british and the rubber gloves and the bad wallpaper [coronation street]

equally disturbing to the human race is the kardashian followers.  trying to fast track your life to notoriety. what would possess anybody to acquire the need to look like someone with absolute no relevance to society. to talk and dress and remember episodes like the fake weddings .. [whatever]

she says … he says
y’all do hair removal … no y’all we a lawn mohair haspitol [what]

for the people that feed the world to feed our brains – someone had to grow the ingredients in your fast food.

moral, yo
slow down and learn how to feed yourself [cerebrally] before you decide to feed others your opinion on .. a little less zoom zoom, yo

blogging, yo
crisp clean clear | ecoclectic built | motor workx | retailization | weirdly written


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