weekly Tweets #14


login | logout magazine

peculiar | people periodicial

hanging out | http://pinterest.com/pin/136304326192846171/ …

wood instrument | http://pinterest.com/pin/136304326192892995/ …

so, i commited to a design project that has no beginning or predetermined end date. in fact i don’t know what i’m doing. that is it ..

the sip | http://pinterest.com/pin/136304326192938807/ …

when filming i tend not to wave camera around or point it to the ground [mmmm] perhaps i should look for sasquatch ..

explore | camping | mountains http://pinterest.com/pin/136304326192948162/ …

paddle | canoe | mountains http://pinterest.com/pin/136304326192948212/ …

rain city festival .. ere

dumb people vote festival

“a parade balloon that makes no sense” festival

“everything i know lies within 20 miles of where i was born” festival

“smart city” festival

future fest fair [f3] [f cubed]

another bingo brained bozo re-enacting his favorite movie/tv/game theme with easily attainable implements. surprised, no. sadden, yes ..

weather plans whether

feed yourself and be full. feed the world and be fullfilled

contemplating cognitive complacency .. this summer’s eve

people who have done squat for anybody always expects everything from everybody

the grapes of wrath vs the whiners of grapes

the reason your life isn’t wrapped with a bow is because you haven’t been gifted with anything

if i just wait long enough, their tweets will prove my point

the solution from one whino sharing a whine with someone else is two whinos

sometimes you have to be a little bit pissed [off] in order to accel at what you trained to excel at

anyhow, i heard it through the grape vine ..



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