weekly Tweets #13


i wish the unenlightened had an off switch

hawt hawt hawt, out ..

i need a thermocline

a thermal inversion diversion

problematic atmospheric thermodynamics at play here ..

so, bubba next door installs the outdoor clothesline today .. diapers geelore, here

she’s on my team http://pinterest.com/pin/1363043261 … [yep]

she’s on my team http://pinterest.com/pin/1363043261 … [good]

great shot http://pinterest.com/pin/1363043261 … [i like this]

facilitating faculty fulcrums

recipe: replace 1/2 tomatos with watermelon. replace oregano with dill/tarragon. replace lemon with lime. no garlic [geek greek salad]

tad toasty this ..

animal kingdom news: the banff highland’s cougar family has been harassed in their own backyard by beings unknown

all further meetings will be held at corner store walk-in beer cooler ..yes with wifi

if you run out of original ideas you could always take pictures of yourself wearing clothes.

neighbor is testing decibels on various power implements this fine evening

when a women goes into business with a man, it’s forever. i like that

my turn to test variable audio pitches of garden power implements with neighborhood

don’t be jamming that down my gizzard. not a turkey

finding balance in the asymmetrical features .. you. i like that

what’s the matter with you people

neighborhood squirrel is a nut head

of course my neighbor is a little squirrelly

try to write a summary post of last weeks stupidity. too many nuts, not enough squirrels [acornie joke]



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