Nut du jour

july 9th to july 15th | 2012

scenario, yo
lots of nuts last week. between the hot weather and wind, we kept getting more and more nuts. kept the squirrelly people busy eating up anything that was tossed their way. news in a nutshell so to speak. hawt, hawt, hawt weather leads to lightning and fires and stinky and smokey kinda nutting week du jour.

mixology psychology
half moon week = the glass half full or half empty type of people were out and about. we weren’t dealing with the complete nut case just the half full nuthouse. it was like a shell game except nothing was under the shells. ah, summer don’t you love it when we can all go a little squirrelly.

diners club
i’ll give you a popular recipe i make throughout the year.

pita seafood tapenade [click]

here are some interesting entertaining blog links for you to enjoy.

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weekly tweets #13 [click]

syria- next. spain celebrates running of the bulls with running of the nutty citizens demanding more for nutten. running a country is like running a household. if you want to use the plumbing services provided by the county – you should pay for it [ie: taxes]. talk about nutty – how about bankrupt cities.  wealthy people not paying the taxes for the services and infrastructure use. working class are working for the wealthy class and paying all the taxes. zero economical sense. award for the nuthouse of the year goes to ..

full-on nutty professor days, here. some people don’t learn squat. finding comfort in not knowing. going about your business saving nuts in the tree house of life, waiting for winter. how many times around does that cycle become a little to repetitive. i’d go nuts if i did the same thing all the time and never learned anything new.

have you ever waved your hands at a squirrel to scare it off – only to find it just sits there. that’s because they have bad eyesight and respond to scent and sound. did you also know that a squirrel will use the same route to gather food [hippy hoppy across the fence]. [psst] the cooper’s hawk is waiting for mr. squirrel du jour.

healthy finesse
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comic-con is going on in southern california. i stared doing animations of some pub scenarios earlier this year. i would post the finished project on vodpod and then link to this site under weekly update link. well those lockerz people bought vodpod and somehow we can’t get into the accounts to create any animations updates. meanwhile, dress-up like rocky and bull winkle or chip & dale or mr. planters peanut and go for  a soda under the patio lanterns. you already act nuts, why not dress the part.

this is the time of the season when retired folks and young families hit the road with the recreational vehicle. the only way to know your country is by hitting the road. get to know the lay of the land. [your land is our land] we share a common planet you know. point to a spot on the map and drive yourself there. talk to people along the way. it’s the definitive that separates humans from all other species. a simple solution to get out of the nuthouse; go for a road trip to prove you belong with the rest of us nut cases.

she says … he says
feeling a little squirrelly today … well, the nut-house did look full

for being a little nutty; life can get too serious at times.

moral, yo
the ups and downs with the tree of life. try to establish consistency across the fence of thoughts while not leaning to the right or left. we try to maintain the same path. when the squirrelly steal your seeds of thought –

a little more nut du jour, yo

blogging, yo
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