weekly Tweets #12


backyard birds whistle to remind me that they want to return to the nest. i’m bird trained

smells like worms and dog shit .. [rain here]

lets just say i’m not singing or twirling a friggin ‘brella ’round these parts th’savo ..

the reign in spain stays mainly in the playin

do you know what’s weird .. i can read a whole paragraph in one visual …

a paragraph to me is, a picture of your thought ..

occasionally i picture what you are thinking ..

social convener. kids app. [m-word] retail. parents. distance. itunes. tweet ’ems – solve the puzzle and it’s yours to keep

i have often overturned my decision to reverse my train of thought ..

bad hippo ..

metaphorically, a child experience in life can metamorphosizes as adult hurdle in life.

superlatively temperamental transitionally cognitive consciousness behavior patterns as applied demographically .. may vary #justsayin

.. or you never know until you try it yourself

youth meant unsolved mysteries. adulthood means solutions. i miss mystery [m-word]

teaching is patience. learning is practice

i assume no shepherd’s were harmed in making the pie ..

the continual breakdown of matter into it’s smallest forms never seems to limit the intelligent spectrum of analysis .. it quantifies

results of glorifying horrific acts of crimes as mainstream entertainment vs more andy griffith programming. read the news lately ..



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