people’s Pet projects

july 2nd to july 8th | 2012

scenario, yo
c-day stumbles into a-day mid week. stampeding into the weekend. the horsing around of summer begins. summer heats up our dog days while the fat birdie tweets other people’s busy. sharing chocolate with the neighbors dog is my people’s pet project, yo

people’s Pet project [definition] when parents raise kids like pets and pets like kids.

mixology psycology
online patio chatter about parents over protecting while under developing their prima donna for the real world. reality television doesn’t help the units to adjust accordingly. while the always elated and well adjusted youth are welcomed to the outside world. it’s hit and miss nowadays with people’s pet projects.

diners club
let’s refrain from the restaurant reviews for awhile. where does our food come from – farmers and ranchers. corporate agriculture is taking over the food production. quality of food available is dropping and the price of organic food is rising. shouldn’t all food be organic.

your little human pet project that wants to enter the oil and gas industry for the easy money. buy the new snowmobile or racing quad instead of taking over the land custodian duties passed down for generations. agriculture means 365/24/7 work weeks with no overtime. agriculture is a renewable resource under proper guidance. try contributing to society instead of your garage by running a mixed farm for your next people’s pet project.

time to change the systems of communication based on technology advances – again. i have to hesitate everytime the upgrade is required. storage is the biggest issue. the technology companies are playing pet tricks on us – but, we’re not falling for it anymore.

cloud storage – i like that. flash media – i like that. except the delay in releasing 256gig flash and greater. of course they will charge you a fortunate – for 6 months, until the next size increase. we have become technology’ pet project.

weekly tweets #12 [click]

syria, syria, syria is serious. iran blockades for the block heads. russia is not rushing to conclusions. those not knowing the difference between capitalism, socialism and communism – keep your kid’s in school. limit the educational propaganda. flag waving week. celebrate your countries freedom but don’t help out your fellow citizens as a collective.  i want every nation to be fed and watered. i want the kids to be educated and healthy. your family and my family sharing a common planet. that’s my people’s pet project.

those little human pet projects that haven’t learned about how the earth works: government, education or the healthcare system. you haven’t left us with much to hire from folks. classroom continues at home. yeah, maybe the old dogs don’t want to learn new tricks – but, the young dogs are desperate to learn about everything. take them out camping and exploring the environment. it’s your job to teach them how to be custodians of this planet. that’s your pet project, people.

healthy finesse
the greatest show on earth – the calgary stampede. shake hands with a cowboy or cowgirl – you can feel the ground they stand on. outdoor people have the same type of grounding. hike, camp, fish, bike, sail, paddle, run – whatever you’re  passion is, just follow your path. oh and take the prima donna outside and teach them some user friendly skill set so they are hireable.

hawt, hawt, hawt. i want a portable mist sprayer. shade on demand. a breezeway anyway. pool water at the right temperature. ice cream cold enough to taste great but not melt. i want my beer cold and kept in the shade. please put the umbrella up and tilt it away so i can see the other table. do you have anything to clean my sunglasses? can you bring a bucket for the beer? more ice, please. if only people were smart enough to demand the same attention onto their pets, kids and our elder custodians during these hawt days.

to the zoo. take a break from the human animal and visit something more tame. kids love the critters. drive out to the farm for a day and pick something or they’ll be picking noses at home. get a move on people. your little road trips and adventure in life during the summer months get passed on to your little units. monkey see, monkey do. picnic in the park. a stroll in the dark. find the washroom with flashlight at the campsite is a memory for all. farms, nature or the petting zoo – or off to the rodeo.

bike ride
i saw two gals riding along on brand new city bikes complete with baskets and bells. this visual gave me the idea for the rest of my bike ride. read away [click]

gals who don’t live on a farm and have their own personal zoo – that’s a tough sell.

she says … he says
horse packing trip last weekend … anybody sitting there [points to chair beside her]

andy griffith and ernest borgnine. more of these people, please ..

moral, yo
visually, verbally and physically you represent your skill sets. all of which are a direct reflection on how your parents raised their people pet projects, yo


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