weekly Tweets #11


another day of people determined to tweet things they feel we want to read because they have nothing other to say .. day

hot | humid | here

probably just playing possum

become memorable

the always irritable pain associated with pedal smacking shin .. [as we speak]

musical aging timeline | 26 rock stars | then and now |pinterest.com/pin/1363043261

to sail with me you have to be even-keeled

The (Near) Billion-Dollar Club | The 11 Most Valuable Startups In New York – SFGate http://bit.ly/NygypK

@generalelectric bicycle gearing + human anatomy + cellular biology + nutrition = science of fitness [holistic health]

choose your path | walk it with confidence | we will follow

complimentary commentary complements complete

the wonder bra tweet = self-correcting and uplifting

the nice birds nesting in the yard get pet names while the others are affectionately referred as dumb birds

the highly unanticipated bout of bike sailing always surprises when attempting to tack across a large intersection amongst gusts

it’s actually raining here except the wind is blowing the moisture into saskatchewan before it touches ground

to whom is responsible for calibrating the hotdog bun slicing machine, a couple more passes through would help us out on this end

as several songs harmonically reverberate between the cerebral cortex and medulla oblongata [perhaps i’ll share]

mow, mow, mow your lawn, gently back and forth. merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is not a dream ..

lawn chair | http://pinterest.com/pin/136304326192797044/



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  2. dfmw says:

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    weird week, yo

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