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scenario, yo
celebrating another year while writing this online journey in life. sharing my experiences with the world while reading about yours. technology continues to change our lives for the better, despite people, groups and governments wanting to breakdown what they don’t understand. all people and nations in the world need a day to cerebrate.

mixology psychology
i’m not much into celebrating other peoples idiosyncrasies of life’s journey. my suggestion to the people who share a conversation, only to use that conversation to start another conversation with someone else – start spending less time celebrating and more time cerebrating this year.

diners club
sitting at the virtual table online this week; was the conversation of how connected we are. we learned that everything is tied into social media – politics, sport, festival, carnival, arts, news, television, business … etc. and a side of electronic butterfly as the social course.

take time to discuss current topics with those people in the moment and not topics about people who aren’t. diners club and pub night are the only times i’m not connected. i take a break from cerebrate to celebrate human interaction.

if we leave the desk – we take our laptop. if we leave the portable desk – we take the tablet. when we leave the tablet – we use the smart phone. we are always connected.

we are getting too many social media platforms to connect with. how do you choose what your audience is going to interact with. facebook, twitter, youtube and pinterest have become the norm. linkedin and instagram are strong seconds. then we have to measure connectivity with klout and google analytics ..

need we forgot the apps that allow us to interconnect the social media platforms across all … platforms. which cms system do we use and how effective is it at updating the cross-platform interconnectivity. i’m cerebrating too much – i need a celebration.

weekly tweets #11 [click]

all i can say is syria. what a mess. shooting down a turkish jet – not good. nato, indicates they will not interfere. while the arabs states are just sitting on their asses drinking coffee.

your government’s position in today’s world should be to protect people against bad business, poor education, union clauses, health care, sound financial laws, cultural identity and physical infrastructure. all of that should come from taxes – do the math.

toll highways should only exist for single use transportation systems in remote regions. highways used to transport goods and people in populated regions should be apart of the public infrastructure system. highways used for a single purpose of transporting people to a non-public venue should be tolled. people and business using those highways should be paying for it. ideally, the businesses would reimburse the employees and therefore actually be paying for it – without government incentives or tax deductions.

healthy finesse
the workout excuse – if i didn’t have to work .. if i wasn’t in school .. if i had extra time ..  i think that’s the go to excuse for everything these days. the busiest people know the importance of health and fitness and will always make time – they live a life without excuses. fitness cerebrate before healthy celebrations.

mind your own business – how’s that for a fashionable statement. i should start trending that phrase. people need to spend a little more time fixing their own life before discussing other peoples lives and problems. reality television vs physical reality conversations have become the same. the desire for people to live vicariously through the life experiences of other people – need to get a life.

i never travel this time of year. i have lived in different locales and always found it interesting to witness how the locals celebrate a nation. i have on occasion been in other countries during their nations birthday and have always enjoyed it. if we could bottle the energy and enthusiasm people have during just one day – would all nations be better off? something to cerebrate about ..

bike ride
my casual neighborhood rides will reflect a weekly topic that comes to mind while i pedal the streets. this week i had many thoughts, ranging from social media, social butterfly, social services and the odd social cheers down at a the various watering hole. read what i thought about [click]

my little short stories are based on any random visual encountered throughout a week. many times i would have several ideas. all pretty standard stuff if you are human and being from this planet.

odd stories that are fascinatingly familiar with the gals. the reason why they drag their better half out to the movies. they’re trying to show how life would be if life wasn’t reality. perhaps sitting down to watch ‘unreality’ television and remind us .. and keep reminding us ..

nora ephron – she knew how to play the write, after all she wrote them. fiction became reality on screen – not real life. guys have to remind the girls of that – until the next movie comes out. we’ll keep reminding them to cerebrate their own life before celebrating fictional life’s.

she says … he says
why can’t you be more like that? … why can’t you be more like her?

we have several holidays throughout the year to remind us of why our nations are free. your nation’s birthday is truly the best day to cerebrate how, before you celebrate why. cheers and thankx ..

moral, yo
unfortunately, we can’t all be living in the environment we would like. the perfect world were the grass would always be green. no fences to sit on or mend. cheers to those people who make do with their current circumstances. a toast to celebrate those who cerebrate their life, yo

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