weekly Ride #2

sooner or later this summer season will begin with a consistent week of sunshine. i would even settle for warmth and overcast. rain is simply not fun to ride in. thank goodness after missing a fun neighborhood ride last week the sky’s cleared for this weekly ride #2

if i recall correctly i decided on another departure route. the usual fitness orientated rides can be rain or shine and will take me down some familiar routes. but, on the casual neighborhood tour i like to change things up. i like to see the gardening and landscaping in the neighborhood. so, both departure and arrival routes where different this week.

i immediately took advantage of the time of day and rode down the main streets to get into an interesting part of town. i was riding in the morning. this was the first good morning ride of the year where the temperature was perfect. the afternoon sun and humidity can be a little over-bearing to ride in. there was a slight breeze as i rode into the sunrise.

a fun part about the casual rides and the fitness rides is the similar sights and people. i cross paths with those heading out for a ride and those coming back. the runners leaving the gym to hit the trails or the parents jogging with the stroller. collectively, there are just a handful of people that i’ll see at different times of the day. these fellow outdoor seekers seem to have just as varied schedule as me.

the ride was very uneventful. up and down the streets and a couple pathways. a few parking lots and curbs along the way .. etc, etc. the people i encounter along the route are what make these casual rides so much fun that i feel compelled to share with you. the smiling faces, the hellos, the greetings, the nods, the water bottle squirt and head glance combo .. all good.

my husky walking outdoor gal with confident and clear voice always acknowledges our chance meetings. the youthful and enthusiastic fitness instructor jogging with coordinated garments. the off-duty gals and guys scrubbing off the night shift. the ever popular funky, fashionable, bohemian gal sporting the denim cutoffs, flip flops and random campfire braid still intact while sipping a star-buckles. lastly, that elderly couple holding hands. the gentlemen heard my gear shift and ever so gently nudged his wife grass side while i went by. i looked over my shoulder to wave which they returned with a smile ..  ding ding

it was a good ride ..


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