weekly tweets #10


warm, pleasant, mild, calm, comfortable, casual, refreshing, inexplicably, exhilarating, exuberant, enthusiastic .. this day

you say goodbye and i say hello – hello, hello. i don’t know why you say goodbye, i say hello – hello, hello ..

i’m watching things grow ..

ahhh, i recognize this game. hitting a small white dimpled orb then walk to find, only to hit again. putting around now [shhh]

quite putting around jim furyk ..

that’s exactly the club i would of picked .. for you to use

i blame the clubs ..

well aren’t we all sorting our thoughts of clever ..

systematically aligning our subjects into a linear sequence for the synopsis of scenario to play out as the sun sets throughout ..

i think i just hypnotized the neighbors dog. meoooow ..

cats like chocolate, right ..

now the neighbor is barking. this is getting confusing ..

hypnotized neighbor was talking about waiting for things to clear up and it wasn’t the weather. [wash hands]

you have changed your thought process simply by words if not for a better .. word

one’s imagination is staggeringly directable …

for those of you not cerebrally visual. just image a pendulum .. swinging .. slowly .. consistently .. calmly .. refraining potential

ying yan as related to a spousal creative partnership and the entrepreneurial opportunities that preside .. i like that

aah, there it is .. been looking for my wits all morning, y’all

stop. think. don’t over thing. re-think. start

looking for normal .. sorry, that’s the next block over

official run through sprinkler time of year .. you go first. i’ll turn it on

in the process of hypnotizing neighbor to mow lawn ..

left mower running outside neighbors window this morning while .. [drink some water]



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