Emotional roller coaster

june 18th to june 24th | 2012

scenario, yo
the festivals of foolishness has begun. where the girls involuntarily place guys on their emotional roller coaster. summer nights filled with random relocations from the funhouse to the doghouse. best to avoid the gates leading into the exhibition of unexpected ups and downs. turn-up the rolling stones to mask the sounds of those seeking an emotional rescue.

mixology psychology
i’m always amused by the gals who spend aimless hours concocting some theoretical exhibition every summer – it becomes our entertainment. good old summer memories reflecting on our youth. we direct unassuming family and friends to someones self-established amusement park. well, like they say folks – play fair but do play along.

diners club
this diners club review has changed plenty since we started. the first 6 months of discussing will help layout the format in years to come. this is the season of outdoor venues with various food formulas and truck vendors. i must say that hearing about the different trucks slowly getting the same spot for the summer silly season is excellent. 4 months of eating outside – coffee breaks, lunch and dinner adds up to plenty of time to visit the various vehicles and sample the menus.

booze trucks at some of the venues is certainly a interesting bonus. the big city festivals have experienced this for decades. small city or town’s summer season is like a circus act that comes to town .. complete with clowns and usual fare .. fun

my social media usage is available for public viewing. i use the phone and in-person-visits for private discussions – both, business and personal. i find it interesting those adults who use social media for private social affairs – they must have a lot of time on their hands. what age do you transfer from using social media as a toy and into a tool. life’s roller coaster ride played out on social media between the gals ..

sometimes a random connection through social media can be both casual and business. fun conversations with new online acquaintances about yearly events does enlighten and compress our worldly issues into one big family. too bad the whole world doesn’t play fair – we are more alike as people than not. the world’s problems do affect our roller coaster of emotion.

weekly tweets #10 [click]

nothing is changing between any of the countries with the same carny operating the rides & games. our world problems are riding on the repeating cycles of economical ups and downs. the stock market roller coaster is taking everybody for a ride. so, we try to refuse admission into this playing field. we’re waiting for carny to pack-up and move to the next venue.  bill clinton has asked the creative community to help initiate some change. if you ever want change – it must come from the creatives.

people who understand emotions and live in the ups and downs throughout our daily trials and tribulations are usually best prepared to layout a level playing field. non-creatives – falsifying statsistics and demographics while performing to an emotionless audience is a three-looped-coaster ride.

how to know you’re on a ride you didn’t buy a ticket for? [funny stuff] the ticket to an emotional ride in life that the gal inadvertently consumed without you knowing. one minute you are talking, discussing and communicating like two people sharing a common planet. watching the world from the upper seats handed to you from those around. applauding your daily’s as though you’ve met before. the foundations of a good emotional ride begin now ..

suddenly, every event, word and conversation has some sort of direct lineage to this emotional roller coaster. only she knows you are on this ride, of course. somehow, you have entered the fair grounds unknowingly and are awaiting the start without even buckling in. chug chug chug up we go …

the random act of discipline plays out for no-particular – do up your seat belt fella. how does that concept work into the scheme of things. who liked being scolded as a kid , nobody – and we responded accordingly.

healthy finesse
i tweeted my thoughts about the summer silly season early this week. so, get outside and enjoy the weather. ride, run and enjoy the sun up and down those hills. everything is just so much more enjoyable when it’s warm and the sun is shining. just being warm is good.

sup yoga – have you tried. a must for water lovers and the well balanced personalities. don’t worry if you’re a little wet behind the eyes with either sup or yoga .. because you eventually will be.

outdoor gear – those famous hiking & camping brands that are designed to keep you save and comfortable outdoors in extreme conditions also sell the fitness garb. so, if you’re buying a pair of trail running shoes this week ..

convertibles are the thing – except one thing, cities & towns where the weather is to hot for the big top going down. a/c over the big top down is certain. another certain is the tourist driving in l.a. topless at 100+ degrees. motorcycles and bicycles abound. btw what’s the deal with people driving around with the top up on perfect top down days? don’t tell me it takes to long to press a button or you hair will get messed ..

the season were we wear the minimum. no need for coat check at the door. rain umbrella is replaced by the patio umbrella. rubber boots give way to rubber flip flops. hold-on to the flip flops when riding those roller coaster, folks.

the road trip. i like when the passenger goes to sleep during the drive – that’s trust. i don’t need a ticket to sleep in her ride. it’s so easy to buy the goodies along the way except i like packing some special treats for the trip. picking their favorite and watching them open it up at the picnic bench along the river bank. those are the emotional surprises that make life’s ups and down better ..

bike ride
another casual ride last week. the rain let up a bit to allow for the first morning ride into the sunrise. i met up with some familiar faces. have a read and find out who ..

weekly ride #2 [click]

she says … he says
well, what do you say … i don’t want to go on that ride again.

i have never thanked anyone for taking me on an emotional roller coaster i never asked to be on. however, those on the emotional coaster of summer should say thanks to those who inadvertently rode along. summer nights, summer dreams = summer memories. thankx for those, them & these.

moral, yo
life is like a big amusement park with all kinds of games being playing out behind the scenes. stay in the game with the right people and the right person will emerge. no emotional roller coasters this summer .. no, no, no, yo

blogging, yo
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  1. Thanks for taking your readers along on the ride

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