weekly Tweets #9


rain here ..

from the saturday night sanctuary of select subtleties to sunday’s abrupt crow cawing, dog barking & odd sounding power implement ..

on nice days i look outside and say – i have to get things done. on days like today, i look outside and say – what’s the hurry ..

Led Zeppelin | Fool In The Rain | http://youtu.be/RgAFoyIgskY[listening]

settling in .. you

out about i was. doing some catch-up, catch-up. got some caught-up, caught-up .. i’ll give you some song

Amanda Marshall | Let it Rain | http://youtu.be/Ol2Qt63bk28 [listening]

raindrops keep falling on my head, yo

booming Beckhman’s beethoven | crisp clean clearhttp://goo.gl/ObKqD

i’m solar powered

i’ll be self-propelled in a few minutes if, if, if ..[don’t answer it]

Cee Lo Green | Forget You | http://youtu.be/KHoKNP3pR7M[listening]

gnarliest. gnarly. gnarl

peculiar percolating precipitation permeates perforated plateau

everyone has photographic memory; some just don’t have the film

why is the road to success always under construction

last night i lay in bed looking up at the stars in the sky and i thought to myself, where the heck is the ceiling

wednesday pinnacles the week of accumulated business curriculum culminating into a weekend of bliss … i wish. [gotta work weekend]

mulling the letter ‘m’ for purposes yet unknown ..

mammals mediocre migratory meandering moments .. [repeat 5x]

well rain sure puts a damper on things ..

there seems to be a banana theme this day-o ..

couch camping | http://wp.me/p1nEJG-G8

adventure camping travel story of life’s journey

a hippy hippy shake .. this thursday morn. loosen the webbed cobs

defending an opinion with an opinion seems a little opinionated. my opinion

typical antarctic tourist |http://pinterest.com/pin/136304326192694088/ tourist season

researching a sail to cocos island, costa rica – lots to learn, yo

a day without sunshine is like .. night

it’s what you can’t get that you want more of ..

goodwill & hook n sling | take you higher |http://youtu.be/GHLPcvaqenI [so good]



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