weekly Tweets #8b


missing ..

find ..

today i’ll take the alternative ..

complacency is becoming too common ..

life’s common denominator with increasing integers to eventually establish a whole meaning ..

clearly mathematical connotations equate to less complex analysis or generate an irrelevant reference point to sum a thought

over thinking never produces the answer .. it just produces another question

perhaps some wine radio tonight with @tdmulligan on @ckuaradioand @hockeynight sur le côté. followed by a soft shoe sashay into@Moheak

wine radio done. first period done. [drink some water]

City folks just don’t get it! #IHeartThis http://www.farmersonly.com/

@tdmulligan wine bill has just passed. free flowing wine thanks to your work ..

Why don’t television shows say, “You will be delighted to know that this program contains strong sexual content”?

Holy fucking Brodeur [@canadagraphs]

someone order a pizza #hnic

“last” button on the tv remote getting a real workout tonight. #nhl#nba [@trevor_linden]

hypoallergenic proteins and essential amino acids. good topic for health & fitness people to write about ..

pumpkin seed isolate

don’t spend to much time focusing in on one thing or you’ll lose your overall focus

article idea – synergistic synthesis between health powders and pure h20 | tap water | bottle water | filtered water ..

media story idea – end of print is inevitable. how about the major tv networks as communication co. buy them up ..

business idea – if you are an expert in your field – establish a you tube channel of original content. exercise your equity ..

time to mow, yo

@TDMulligan @ckuaradio @hockeynight @Moheak a complex yet subtle experience w/after tone of free border wines flowing. thanks for asking ..

“Mad Men” style 4 bedroom home for sale in Ponchatoulahttp://dlvr.it/1hQjmn

doritos must come up with a healthier version of chip. corn chip made out of just corn. save money by not using chemical additives

it’s raining, it’s pouring, the old girl .. [forgot]

self-esteem .. i like that

i’m animated ..

so .. bada bing bada boom, yada yada, yo

your eyes get heavy closing out the day, thinking of the last thing they say ..

and on the sound of that last note .. you fall asleep

comfort in knowing. i like that ..

‘Berry’ nice family reunion for boy and teddy bearhttp://www.calgaryherald.com/news/alberta/Berry+nice+family+reunion+teddy+bear/6754863/story.html



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