weekly Tweets #8a


of all the wagons, i prefer the radio flyer over the band. practical experience i guess ..

when asked, i always skipped out of hopscotch. something to concrete about the rules. experience i’ve chalked up ..

the tongue twister with twisted brain teasing random factors always delight ..

comical economists ..

cows graze in groves on grass which grows in grooves in groves

it’s all fun and games until someone walks in with a pocket full of posies ..

good news: concrete saw next door is finished. bad news: damn dog is back barking at the sky again.

photosynthesis changes everything ..

the inquisitive analysis is the quintessential quantifiable quality of any inquisition into being human

a change of scenery for both audio and visual augmentation of cerebral inputs is decidingly becoming more apparent

self imposed limitations of linguistically challenged individuals does intrigue the reasons why ..

combining several words of complimentary relevance in a grammatically linear sentence should stimulate if not please ..

more often than not i halt the conversation with the mental conclusion of ‘clearly you’re not up to speed’

the two types of personality traits defined by those who choose academic accreditation and those who complain about those who do

living in a world where people are born into hardship w/o food, water, healthcare, education and those who simply abuse the system = earth

the mid-stream conversational word search to lessen your subject directive based on audience knowledge of current affairs

the false assumption that they know the same information based on commonality of age, planet and species always confuses

nothing purges unruly followers than articulating curriculum standards

of course gaining followers is best achieved by tweeting basic statistical standards we have already acquired by osmosis of intelligence

those who get things done and those who complain about what getting done

clever little adverbs calmly slipped into dialogue to brighten the descriptive .. is good

the person who totally gets what your saying ..

drawing parallels paths of paradigm to avoid the perpendicular equation of our daily

getting peppered with spammers while rubbing salt into the twitter wound

cuckoolio [cook•koo•leo] meaningless word: squat, zip, zero, notta, nothing. however it would be a superb nickname



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