patio lantern Stories

june 10th to june 17th | 2012

scenario, yo
waiting on summer. sitting on rain. falling out of spring. cliche, cliche, cliche.  sitting patio side and sharing funny stories into dusk. that’s summer, that’s memories. the summer of patio lantern stories, yo

mixology psycology
scanning social media and listening around town, i hear lots of philosophy about life – is this a summer thing. do we become seasonal in our reflecting on life as we near the solstice. i know the moon brings out the wacky. you are most happiest during your birth month. a birthday for a future patio lantern story.

diners club
i like when even the most sophisticated restaurants open up the patio bbq for hot dogs and grilled treats for lunch and happy hour. the smell brings everyone in. i have found out about 3 new bike friendly restaurants thanks to media helicopters and charity fundraisers. for the restaurant owners thinking of attracting the bike crowds, i would suggest asking some of the bike crowd. riders respect the other riders space – it’s the location and proximity of the vehicles that interfere with bike stalls.

kabobs on the bbq. hello, where and when. the simplest of summer patio lantern appetizers. maybe we can eat greece out of their debt.

heads up to original joe’s for the 1/2 price wine on thursday. including champagne, prosecco and cava – which by the way they sell by the glass.

facebook alliance with apple. social media as a crime fighter for the media, public and law enforcement. i worked late into the night on the weekend and had twitter feed on the flat panel while writing, designing and editing … etc. occasionally a music suggestion was tweeted and i listened – as i will with most suggestions.

another heads-up by original joe’s is the quick adjustment to menu items and patio specials. i also like the $25 discount card that you can buy on line and give to someone. $25 is the perfect amount for a couple beverages and dinner. it also would pay for that 1/2 bottle of wine. so, smart phone original joe’s and have a look. pass on a card to someone and start some new patio lantern stories.

russia is like arguing with a female – they just take the opposite side of any argument just for the sake of argument without caring what’s at stake. syria is a mess – russia  [too much vodka under the patio lanterns]

large corporations were asked to start-up in european countries with huge tax benefits – we are now seeing the demise of the economy. these corporations are not paying their share of using the infrastructure. europe is an example of why united states economy collapsed. no financial regulations and offshore production for profit.

in canada – our government actually gives financial incentives and tax breaks for foreign corporations to buy into our countries natural resources that don’t exist elsewhere – follow that thought. they don’t get charged for polluting  or damaging the environment. 10 to 15 years down the road the foreign corps pull out canada and leave the crumbling infrastructure with the unemployed relocated family.

the simplistic sentence structure describing the anticipated daily grind as a summarized synopsis always delights. i tweet them every morning on @dfmw & @pubservation

weekly tweets #9 [click]

healthy finesse
have a look at beckham’s samsung commercial. i wrote to much about the economy so i’m limiting the fitness talk. anyhow it’s summer – get outside and exercise. then hit the patio for lantern stories.

is the rain gear going to wear out before put it away. so the golf sweaters are great for the cooler summer eves sitting on the patio. a couple golf stories to share under the lanterns. the yoga garb is still going strong but the golf wear is everywhere. go figure, but score fair.

i’m working on a couple trips. one is for the pub crawls through northern england on bike. but, i have this interest in cocos island, costa rica. about 350 miles offshore and only accessible by boat or amphibious plane. it is the island represented in jurassic park. other than that a little couch camping and a hike or two will do. post time at the local watering hole of course. patio lantern stories you know ..

she says … he says
something i can’t remember … [while clearing his throat] ahhh, the selective memory, i remember well

people who answer and ask – i like that. listening is a bonus. reading is the new listening. unless you are under the patio lanterns listening to a story.

moral, yo
patio weather is upon us. the festival season has begun. travel and trips. couch camping and wine sampling. we wait all winter for this and here it is. who you going to share with. those brand new patio lantern stories, yo

blogging, yo
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    ah, summer days on the patio sharing stories

  2. I enjoy the mental image that the phrase “patio lantern stories” evokes

  3. dfmw says:

    it shines a light on the moment. thanks for comment

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