rainy day Refrain

june 4th to june 10th | 2012

scenario, yo
a week where things began to rain down on me. pulling in the reigns of thought while preparing for the onslaught. all in a weeks observation folks. refrain from saying while listening to the refrain of the same old same old. a true dichotomy in terms this rainy day refrain.

mixology psychology
this blog gains more followers and readers that haven’t read into what this blog is about. so, let me refrain the purpose of this blog. this is a weekly observation of some local, national and world events – it’s that simple.  the name is just a play on words about those folks who sit down at a local establishment and discuss the current affairs. i would imagine much time was spent indoors this rainy week.

diners club
i have read several stories about the pub culture vs the club/lounge. public houses are best left to the old towns and cities of europe. some of that culture has spilled over to other countries. a public house is where you would walk to and talk with the locals. a place where the staff have some interesting enlightened viewpoint in life to share and laugh about.

the modern pub tends to hire staff who are like reality-show personalities without any real world experience. so, unfortunately the solutions to sell product relies on scantily clad servers. that’s a theme outlet and not a pub. reality-shows are not about culture.

if weekends begin with reality-show wanna-bees showing up in droves to be noticed while texting each other … you’re not in a pub. you are in a rainy day nightmare.

today’s youth demographic depends more on social media platforms for delivery. this blog is read in pubs around the world via hand-held tech devices and discussed thru social media. traditional networks and their syndication/production costs skyrocketing – something is gonna give. if you miss a broadcast of your favorite show or sporting event – it’s available for download. streaming becomes faster, tech is simpler and content is easier to produce and collect.

the top rated shows currently on television are from specialty cable channels – discovery, bravo, history, amc. with news and sports specialty channels receiving the balance audience what’s left for the future demographics. content becomes technology driven.

tip – transparent film is available to attach to beer glasses. that film will recognize the beer poured into the glass at the tap and will display advertising or perhaps this blog while you’re sitting down at the local pub one rainy day ..

the rain in spain stays mainly in the plain. the money doesn’t seem to stay there. raining on spain’s parade this summer. tourist season in europe has to help the economy somehow. italy will probably run into some financial issues. bad government, bad business practice, bad banking, bad investments, bad, bad, bad. on the bright side europe doesn’t have a problem creating world recognized festivals and fairs. europe has to stop outside business and foreign investors from stealing the natural resources and cultural heritage for their profit.

hey, lets throw cucumbers at next years tomato festival. hey lets celebrate beer at the wine festival … not!

thanks to @tdmulligan and his fight for free wine across canada. follow td mulligan and his wine related travels on tastingroomradio.com

if you look your age shouldn’t you know things?  texting is not the way to fill out your resume or application. a recent client couldn’t remember their password and kept emailing me [the password was the individuals name] they also wanted to know why their name was always spelled wrong in spell check – welcome to 2012. [hand wave over head moment]

perhaps 2012 signifies the end of individual intelligence as why the planet is falling apart. clearly the intellectual landscape is drying up and flooding during these rainy days.

healthy finesse
watch out for the lightning strikes on the golf course or while fishing your favorite hole. running in the rain. riding in the rain. singing in the rain. charity runs, walk and rides all this weekend. and a couple parades that didn’t get rained on. rainy days are for the gym, yo

rubber boots and overcoats with umbrellas ..

destinations are based on common themes. themes that have developed and transpired into something magnificent. events the world celebrates and identifies with these region’s cultural influence to the surroundings or perhaps the world.

winter, mountain, ocean or sea, wine, beer, food & beverage, horseracing, car racing, mardi gras, rodeo, farm fairs, burning man, music, art … the list is staggering and the events are consistently themed and successful.

imagine if your region had produced the best travel video in a worldwide competition that depicted where prairie meets mountain. a new world city located in the great north straddling a large river system. founded by the fur trade, farmers, ranchers and homesteaders. what would you name the event associated with such a city. river city fair? river view fair, river city derby, river city rodeo, river city race, river city trade fair, river city festival, refrain festival, reoccurring theme exhibition, non-related theme fair or simply the rainy river city ..

bike ride
unfortunately due to the weather the bike rides have been shortly sweeten. maybe next week if the rain stops.

she says … he says
it’s raining again … then i’ll walk with some else

for the weather. the rain is much needed with our low water tables. despite nothing but flooding occurs. you can thank heavy industry for that. maybe it’s time to charge them for water use and damage. we’ll rain on their parade to the river city banks.

moral, yo
i shall refrain from stating the lack of creative. [yawn]  the same old, same old new people making the same old mistakes, again. there is a reason people leave some cities to travel to other cities. culture and themes of relevance that identify those cities around the world. no rain soaked minds in those cities, yo


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