weekly Ride #1

this was an important ride this week. it was the first long ride that i take the longest time doing – slow ride [song, right?] but, i’m just sightseeing around the neighborhood. this is the ride that i get to see what has been happening this spring and how things may have changed since last spring. it went something like this ..

so, i leave the garage and start touring through the neighborhood on the side streets. observing the trees in bloom and branches extended gracefully over my freshly shaded route. spring showers and local homeowners have done some beautiful gardening to enhance my casual cadence. flowers pots are full of color while sidewalks are edged to the curb. cycling towards the opening i can see sunshine glistening on the roadway ahead. [drink some water]

the sun feels good. that quick transition between shadow and light always fools the eyes. time to cross into some major roadways and try to keep up some pace. shifting-up a few gears usually does the trick .. click, click. i round the corner and hand-signal off to the cycle path that leads to the intersection – time to cross. [drink some water]

so, far so good. usually by this time i have several encounters with bad drivers or crazy kids cycling madly. full moon just passed so perhaps i just missed the wackos. the lights changed, time to ride. i’ll take this side road down the hill – i like the occasional coast like everyone else. of course once you go down you have to go up. i’ll deal with that after i enjoy the pace and have a look around. hay fields to the right of me and forest to the left – here i am – stuck in the middle with you [song again]. i could see for miles and miles [sorry, song again] i could probable see for about 15 miles ahead. [drink some water]

at the bottom of the hill its time to change my thought pattern of a casual ride for a few moments. immediately, i think about the route that will take me out of the valley and back up into the neighborhood. that thought process allows me to vision the cadence and gearing changes i’ll go through. i would often circle in a parking lot until i have a clear approach to the ride up. [drink some water]

some quick gear changes and i’m up top again looking for the next coast. flat land now. got to keep pedaling to keep pace. i’m gonna tour a neighborhood and check for a lemonade stand or some interest stories lines. 50 cents for 1 glass and 1$ included a chocolate chip cookie. love the up sell by the second kid – flipping open the tupperware lid and suggesting .. perhaps you’d like a .. [drink some water]

i got 1 more hill to contend with. it’s very short so i’ll pick up the cadence, hand signal and off i go. holy crap they are doing road repair on the hill. sign person waves me to the sidewalk. of course i don’t want to slow down on a hill. suddenly, from behind the trees a man & women pushing a stroller just cut in front of me. [if you walk without shoulder checking you must be a crappy driver too] i time my pass on the grass and stop at lights. the dumbass man approaches saying “use your bell when passing.” i said “learn to shoulder check before you walk out in front of someone. the next person might be a vehicle and not a bike.”  the lady got embarrassed. [she drank some water]

within several pedal strokes i was passed dumbass man and onto my next visual. the bikini girl was out mowing the lawn. i slowed down considerably. this is when you pretend that you are listening to a sound on your bike and have to adjust something. all in perfect timing of course. [some water on shirt]

i have to criss-cross the neighborhood and the best way is through a series of trail, parks, parking lots, side roads and main roads. up and down curbs, pavement, dirt and grass – its all good. another recognizable face is the girl who walks her husky. she is very alert and walks dog off to side and keeps leach tight. she speaks very clearly and honestly when saying hi as i coast by. one of my favorite people on route. [drink some water]

time for the park and then it’s off home. nothing unusual yet while i cross over a few bridges and pass some families on the lawn side. rustling in the bushes and dogs barking while bird chirp complete my ride up to the last bridge. looking up i hear the sound of kids voices talking to an adult. i can’t see anyone. around the corner and i see they are knelt down working on a bike. a mom and two boys. one boy with training wheels and one without, she was walking. i stopped. [i swear these gals time this middle of the bridge bike repair sessions] so, i get the chain back on and tighten the axle nut. i have a quick look at the training wheels and noticed the ride height was wrong and one wheel was bent – fixed that too. [we drank some water]

it was a nice ride home ..



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