the Bike ride

may 28th to june 3rd | 2012

scenario, yo
the daily ride has commenced. seasons dictate when, where and how long.  spring has sprung into a pleasant surprise and summer looks good. keeping constant in routine allows freedom to express new ideas. of course the good visuals are unfortunately countered by the absurd. read more about the bike ride ..

mixology psychology
i enjoy repeating the same sights along the bike ride and observing the changes from season to season.  mixing things up a little is a must – road, mountain or city bike.  fitness outdoors stimulates the brain like no other. watching a year bloom on the bike ride ..

diners club
sadly no restaurant visits this week. but, several people i know have ventured to the various. this warm weather brings out the patio effect. sampling food and testing becomes secondary to just sitting outside and enjoying sunshine and good company. unfortunately there are no bike racks at any of the dining facilities around my neighborhood.

healthy choices on the menus. gluten-free options explained. calories or nutritional breakdowns available online and by request. maybe restaurants should consider the bike rack as another healthy choice.

motorcycles too. when riding the motorbike and noticing the restaurant the has amble bike stalls will always invite that new customer. i see the many restaurants that have signage at the flattest stalls. nice touch is the kickstand disks for hot days.

the internet has made us sociable – as media informs us. quantum physics research needed to harness the computer power of several systems to work out logarithms – 1989 to 1991 saw the big surge in what we now take for granted. this internet thing. a couple kids in university find a way to make the internet personable. face to face connectivity. ask any business owner if they could make money with 1 billion potential customers. you could sell a lot of bikes.

weekly tweets #7 [click]

what’s happening around the world this week. starting with ryder hesjedal winning the giro d’italia. the euro soccer 2012 has created more problems by the media promoting problems before the tournament has begun. the euro dollar is dropping somewhat but not enough for my liking. it’s just way to expensive to travel or do business in europe. they have to drop some of the countries and some of the absurd taxes. greece is out of the euro and italy looks to be next. 2 earthquakes in northern italy is not going to do any good for the tourist season. north of milan is also where the swiss/italy tunnel has just finished completion. syria’s assad tries to talk his way out of the government’s mess. the syrian diplomats have been expelled by most countries.

good news – ride your bike down to the river thames and witness the queens diamond jubilee. 60 years or reign. good o’bird she is. we gotta get her on a bike ..

quantum physics interests me – it’s how and why i became interested in the internet. i like applying the aspects of physics to bike riding. it takes me a hour of riding before i start to thing about a topic of interest or train a little harder – depends on what bike i’m riding. when i pass the lemonade stands and ask for a glass, i think about how these kids will be better business people because of this entrepreneurial spirit, squeezed, sweeten, served – always the highlight of any bike ride.

healthy finesse
when the water gets a little warmer we can enjoy the paddle a little more. outdoor pools are good – cleaning the outdoor pool is not so good. pool party is good – cleaning up after the pool party not so good. cleaning up after any party is not so good. doing work inside the house seems like work – doing work outside doesn’t. gardening for hours on end is actually very therapeutic. listening to nature, getting your hands dirty. all good until the neighbor starts the concrete saw. time for a bike ride.

i’m bad for bike fashion. i don’t play into the dress-up role. did when i was younger and thought it was cool. people just starting out always go and buy the latest gear and garments – we pass by them all the time. i do have all the gear and garments and keep everything updated and maintained. gear and garments can help with your game or your ride – especially when it’s hot or you need less wind resistance. technical fabrics will definitely help to wick away the moisture – comfort for new riders is important. i’ll just stick to my patagonia shorts, shimano shoes, t-shirt of the day, smith optics, bell helmet and i could ride for hours.

summertime to me has always meant a visit to the national parks. it’s my happy place. locals and tourist together discovering new and old sights. bike touring is an excellent method to see your travel destination. next time you visit a city try renting a bike and pedal the pathways. europe is excellent with the bike ways. i haven’t owned a touring bike for a few years. i converted a old road bike – it’s not the same. i tried using a mountain bike a few time but the cadence is just so slow not to mention the weight and wind resistance. if you like bike touring buy a touring bike. you can still use a touring bike for your daily ride.

bike trip – how about a bike trip in england. we’ll visit a few pubs along the route and stay at the local b&b. must work on this idea.

the Bike ride
i will link recent bike rides stories here throughout the summer months. there is lots of funny stuff that i notice along the various routes.

weekly ride #1 [click]

she says … he says
i have never seen star wars … [blank stare into space] i’m sorry, what  did you say

to the bike shops that get the kids riding. the parents whom teach the kids to ride. the restaurants and businesses that are bike friendly – motorcycles too.

moral, yo
ride sally ride. saddle up folks it’s your health, coordination and balance you’re practicing all at the same time. wind in your face, sunshine on your shoulders – it’s all good. cheers to the parents that gave the first push – you’re doing fine, just keep pedaling. the bike ride of life begins, yo

blogging, yo
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  2. The Dutch people amazed me with their use of bicycles. In The Netherlands, cyclists have the right of way even over pedestrians. I’m looking forward to a bike ride this week with my parents, sister and nieces…it’s great family time 🙂

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