weekly tweets #6

with indescribable clarity the water trickled delicately, polishing a stone’s encapsulation of oxygen enriching our stream of life ..

write yourself. passion. love. experience. shame. make it powerful with words and we will read. just make it yours ..

writing forumla: when repeating stats and facts you must bring a personal journey to the equation. we will do the math ..

your breadth of knowledge is transcribed through literate skills. be original. we will know your reference. just keep it personal ..

did i mention philosophical tuesday. because i didn’t mentioned to myself either ..

when the illusion becomes optical our imagination sublimes ..

perpetual perspective perception perpetuates peculiar personalities .. no?

abstract audacity adds apprehensive abolishment against aboriginal admendments acts

your story is told subconsciously through your introduction. your projected portrayal personifies ..

most people practice what they want to be and not who they are. you determine who they are by who they want to be ..

ask them a question. ppl like for you to assume their intelligence by their given answer ..

machismo malevolent mischievous misfits maliciously mystify monumentally

gluten-free dough. pesto. shiitake. slice garlic. goat cheese. eggplant. butterfly prawns. bake. diced tomato & avocado. slice. eat

i think you’ll find a rosé cava will pair accordingly ..

and for the kids. may i suggest soda water and cranberry juice. orange garnish with stevia ..

the more you learn about life the more interesting life becomes. you become more interesting ..

the longer it takes to understand someone, the more it’s interesting to understand someone ..

do your ears flip-flop. can you use them as a mop, yo .. [ice cream truck]

bells will ring ting-a-ling-a-ling, ting-a-ling-a-ling and you’ll sing, vita bella ..

everybody dance now ..



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