art of Knowledge

may 21st to may 27th | 2012

scenario, yo
instantly people can recognize knowledge. a couple of words, maybe a sentence and magically we have something in common. the opposite response is – are you temporary, in training or just helping out. we are pre-exposed at youth to everything that ignites our interest. seeking further knowledge of that interest can exceed from hobby to career. life is your artistic interpretation of knowledge.

mixology psychology
paying attention to details. learning to look at the whole picture draws from knowing the details. the whole picture is a composition of details. everything works in harmony at the same time. the ballet. the symphony. the play. your work. when you perfect the details, you will understand the big picture. everyday becomes the art of knowing knowledge.

diners club
so, i drop in to a local establishment and order up. staggering level of professionalism follows. fluid motion of movement. a well orchestrated system of human interactions. it was liking watching someone paint a picture, frame it and then present it.

i also, have a review from a franchise establishment that i will post. stay tuned ..

everybody is an editor evidently. this is something i didn’t know. so, i ask inquisitively – how many years experience in the media industry do you have? internet? web development? journalism? blogging? social media? what formal training have you received?

connectivity with b2b or b2c is very easy with social media tools. sharing the business knowledge is what we want to know. as a business person we look at people who use social media as a connection tool and not a gossip device. how you interact online is a blueprint of how you interact in the workplace.

weekly tweets #6 [click]

politics and government have gone downhill when people enter the arena for profit before public duty. you should never get on parliament hill with that intention. government is not about war, religion, the human race or getting your buddies business a free ride. any government using either or all as platforms is not going to help your country or help the world economies. it is your job as citizens to vote for a leader capable of interacting on a global scale. if your elected official can’t name the neighboring capital cities or counties … how, it that person going to do anything for the global economy.

stop thinking about how the government is going to give you something. start thinking about how you can give the world something.  we don’t need more blank canvases. find your story and start painting your picture. ask your employer if they pay for training. any education you receive will benefit both canvases.

the art of business is always a delight to discuss. of course the dead give-away to the non-business entity is ‘raising of voice to get a point across’  ‘incorrect statistical references’ and the cop-out comment ‘why do you want to know that’.

the more you know about yourself and surroundings the more interesting picture you paint. individual methods created to paint your canvas is the art of knowledge.

healthy finesse
warm weather has arrived, thank goodness. life’s canvas has many interruptions – from health, personal or financial issues. the unexpected course that we were supposed to expect. except we only learned the art of knowledge through ‘expect the unexpected’ by throwing paint on our canvas.

i say hello and hi to the many bloggers and fitness persons who are more inspired to communicate their message because of misfortunate   medical circumstances that have alter the artist endeavors of creating that great canvas of life.

the young lady from ontario who used social media to receive a double lung transplant is staggeringly inspirational. she dances to a different beat now. she can get on with painting her canvas.

‘men in black’ is back. i wonder how this will inspire our artistic visions.  17,000 years ago the personal canvases were the walls of the lascaux caves in south west france. humans painting their story for the world to rediscover. what we adorn daily depicts our story. fitness attire, work wear, business suit or casual comfort. our persona is emphasized as our temporary canvas. i like when the wardrobe defines the individuals canvas – the distraction has subsided, they have returned to work on their art of knowledge.

you have to decide when travel is going to fit into your picture. do you leave right after high school or wait until the early twenties. early twenties seems best to me. before you get settled into a routine. imaging the great canvas you will paint when you are able to see things from another perspective. drawing on experience will certainly aid in any composition you choose.

i have years of consulting experience hiring and managing people from small to large business and travel was huge on the corporate ladder. corporate executives are usually individuals that have relocated their family and lifestyle for the career or further education. so, the booze fest to mexico or the backpack through europe. what will enhance your art of knowledge for a better corporate canvas.

she says … he says
just wait i’ll get … wow, how nice

for people who go out of their way to do something that doesn’t benefit themselves .. yet. thinking of other first. using manners at all times. tolerating our mishaps in tipping wrong.

moral, yo
we recognize knowledge. we appreciate attention to detail. healthy outlook on life starts with the earliest of childhood inputs. helping others will help yourself. the more you see and do throughout life is apparent on your canvas. it becomes your art of knowledge.

blogging, yo
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