weekly tweets #5

on a whim. she spoke. he motioned ..

overweight people are never in a hurry yet they always eat fast food ..

wednesday means we’re in the middle of it together ..

i had the full on dream bash in the old head last night …. zero sense. must start recording the good stuff though ..

life is to short. make your day last forever ..

[snapping fingers] waiting for someone to put bike gear away. that someone being me ..

aaannnnd, i have a song in my head. i’ll put away my bike gear. that’ll make it go away .. some water too

hey, dionne warwick .. while you’re singing in my head put my bike gear away .. water too please

everyday is something day ..

there’s always something ..

when computer slows down i turn if off [teach it a lesson]

brrr ..

smell of precipitation. i like that

the unexpected scent always delights ..

gothic garden theme. season #2. planting weekend ..

i’m on auto-pilot today until about noonish ..

if facebook growth model is like google than i see the stock valuation increasing immensely. buy a 2000 shares. why not

tick tick tick. delay delay delay. got plants to buy. chop chop.

♫ don’t it make your brown eyes blue ♫ book that is. facebook blue. and you ..

a hippy hippy shake ..

if they made cuckoo clocks that didn’t cuckoo everyone would have one ..

my saturday. your sunday. our spring.

finished the yard work for today. hunkering down. settling in. sautéing

perfect day for neighbor kid to say i’ll mow lawn for $20 – i’d give him $30. hate mowing. good for kids though ..

mow, mow, mow my lawn, gently down the way. merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily. life is but a dream ..



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