the Club house

may 14th to may 20th | 2012

scenario, yo
mood swings from the bag of life. selecting the right club to associate with like-minded members. 1st and foremost people are just animals inhabiting a planet. our brains set the course of good or bad. our anatomy follows brain. sorting clubs from our bag of life as each day is your round of golf. good days | bad days. play through and we’ll talk about it in the clubhouse.

mixology psychology
our brain separates us from all animals on the planet. the solar system controls the ecosystems. playing a round on a rainy day vs a sunny day clarifies that logic. one day it’s like the well manicured parkland course. others days it the obscure link layout challenging us.  cart girl please – i’ll have another [you can bet on it] off to the nineteenth hole my friends ..

diners club
the fairway hot dog. the cold beer. the couple extra you snuck in your bag. granola bars are still there from last year. food truck heaven around here. so, i go to the same corner next day and truck is gone. why don’t they get the same location permit. vegan trucks. gluten-free options. fresh fruit salads. fish tacos. sweet potato fries with spicy mango chutney. i did another steakout diners club last week. i should consider doing a truck vendor pubservation style. or maybe a club house food or maybe golf cart girls ..

[psst] i can eat anything. i can cook most anything. i have hundreds of my own recipes. i know how to make all the family favorites. in the past month i had incredible lamb, pork, salmon, chicken, bison, scallops, prawns, halibut … but, something about us north american folks and the steak and lobster [or crab legs] dinner with spud or salad side ..

salmon tips – buy from your local retailer salmon fillets about 6oz. coat with olive oil and fresh cracked, herb of choice. lightly toast a bun and coat with yogurt tartar sauce, thick tomato slice and spinach.

can we get more sociable than being on facebook. i waited for the delayed market opening. not happy about the share price dropping immediately but that is always anticipated. the growth with facebook lies with purchasing hardware technology devices that adapt with facebook’s growing online presence. i would allow a couple years. stock prices will correct and rise accordingly. interesting that zuckerberg gets married the day after. small club house ceremony.

weekly tweets #5 [click]

g8 summit for dummies is happening at camp david. bet they’re golfing and laying poolside. other wise what’s the point of all the security if you can’t have a little fun on the citizens tab. french president elect is present. not to bad for a couple days in office and you get a holiday on a private jet. italy just got slammed by another earthquake. natural disasters dramatically effect the economy. tourist season has begun and buildings are crumbling. greece issue is not going or coming anywhere. this will be a five year rebuild. on the bright side the tourist season has begun. spain wants to bring back the royal family for marketing and toursim. i like it. do royalty ever golf. guinness with the golf cart princess at the nineteenth [psst] meet me in the club house ..

i always say that during the winter months i will take a couple lessons . work on the swing. never do. dragging around a golf bag on a golf course is one thing, but during winter … not. read the books. watch a little. i don’t learn anything. i have clubs that i don’t use. murphy’s law – if i didn’t have them i would need them. lesson learned is to always buy the ‘get me outta trouble’ clubs so you don’t have to use them [psst] like insurance. hey, get rained out – hit the club house for one of those fancy coffee drinks [shhh] whip cream on top.

healthy finesse
now that we just finished eating hot dogs, beer and special coffees while golfing we have to go work it off. unless i am forced by club house rules i will not use a golf cart. i carry my clubs. no pull cart either. the bag choice available today is so lightweight that anyone can find something. never understood the huge leather bags filled with stuff you never use – murphy’s law of golf.

water temps are rising so hitting the ponds for some fishing, rowing or paddling. wetsuits for the watersports definitely.

roadways, bike paths and trail are clean and clear for the daily commute or exercise ride. training wheels for the kids. inflate tires ..

carhartt, dickies and dockers. 3 product lines that started as work wear. they now have casual wear – men and women. perfect camping clothes. perfect golf pants. ever tried replacing your greg norman pants recently – $200. i went with oakley about 10 years ago but lost interest with all the kids wearing it. so, now i’m back with adidas and taylormade. changed my eyewear, too – maui jim and smith sport optics.

footwear is flip flopping. whatever happened to getting some standard flip flops for slipping on after the golf. i understand the need for new styles but don’t forget the basics. all brands have basic models. we need basic models first before buying the extra styles. buying online footwear sucks. kinda like trying the stuff on first, no!

adidas and nike have the basic flip flop for after cycling, hiking, golfing , lockeroom, walking up the dock from a day on the water or in the clubhouse. golf cart girls have high heel flip flops ..

i’ll post a few when i have a chance. they are written as separate posts. as usual, i will write about actual chance meetings while doing outside activities. [psst] if she likes caddyshack .. she’s a keeper.

she says … he says
i love steak and lobster with wine … [head turns around real fast]

for the golf tips, stock tips, gardening tips, cooking tips, bbq tips, camping tips, fishing tips, guinness, heineken, the perfect pour, a little rain, a little sun, good humor and the moment to relfect about members of the club house.

moral, yo
constant controls = 365 day 24 hours 7 days a week. sunrise/ sunset.  what ever makes the world go round directly affects all animal and plant life. try gardening and watch something grow, sow what you reap and share the rewards- next year repeat. the nineteenth hole is calling, meet me at the clubhouse, yo

blogging, yo
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