weekly tweets #4

i think different as the day matures

the first cool wind of the evening. a chime sings. leaves touch

someone is sitting on a park bench …..

she’s delightful ..

a walk in the park it was not ..

but a restful opportunity taken ..

she’s reflecting on times past ..

self-sufficiency is her umbrella

life begins to rain.

prime. choke. pull. the week is started

solved, resolved, fixed, repaired, maintained, corrected. just another day. [dusting hands off motion]

what you do today. they will remember when they have kids. i like that ..

took a timeout. sat in the corner. self prescribed, you know ..

your tweets are always happy in tone. i like that ..

to the stay at home mom who would make sandwiches. pickles. eggs. fruit & veggie plates. walk to local businesses and sell out everyday ..


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