the planting Season

may 7th to may 13th | 2012

scenario, yo
time to plant new thoughts. change things up a little. learn from last season’ mistakes and improve. prune your ideas to perfection. constant care for what matters the most. plenty of sunshine will do good. keep hydrated and fertilize accordingly. those seeds of thoughts  may grow into something special this planting season.

mixology psychology
life is like planting seedlings indoors to eventually be planted outdoors in the garden of life. the protected environment and controls allow for healthy sprouts. like people, plants must be accustomed to the outside world. this is when you realize – how you treat others is how you will be treated in return. the sun may always shine yet earth can still rain on your parade. consider that this planting season.

diners club
did a test run at one of the locals. wow, what a difference a day makes. cloudy and cool to sunshine and heat. fresh ingredients, updated offerings, daily and seasonal specials. patio galore w/the smell of bbq. plant pots decorating the deck. i have two little seeds of thought this week. [click] [click]

a life outside the pub scene. the patio deck of friends and family. playing with the future of society as they grow into adults. discussion about education, health and fitness always enlightens. the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree of life. the poorly planted and cared for seed is a direct result of poor gardening. can i text you the answer – what? a well spoken answer clarifies you and those who planted.

the ability to communicate in person with language is our definitive difference from the next species down. we also, have the ability to harvest new ideas from those seeds of thought. that’s what your parents should of taught.

apple thoughts – a generation growing up today that have been exposed to apple’s bloom in the corporate world. cross-platform, open source, content management systems will change all that. content providers and search engines will be the future. establish roots and branch out from there.

weekly tweets #4 [click]

francois hollande – the new french dude. canada’s governing party is slicing the expenses. basically, everything that relates to tourism, creative, environment, health and education … in others word all things that matter most. nobody visits a country to see deforestation or water pollution. plant trees with the anticipation of constant growth and cleaning of the air. cutting down the only thing that cleans the polluted hot air from the politicians seems … plants brain.

some people like talking to plants. some people are like talking to plants. every try talking to the plants gardener and understand why the growth has been limited. flowers that don’t bloom like they should because of poor housing conditions. just a stem of thorns. a prick in waiting. the watered down version of an over treated seedling sprouting in all the wrong directions of life. who plants these ridiculous thoughts into the future minds. stunting the growth before they have time to blossom. not everybody is born with a green thumb. parents need education before bringing the seedlings outside for the rest of the world to deal with. please, learn from our prior planting seasons.

healthy finesse
nutrition. hydration. growing conditions prior to seeding. life should be more complicated when it comes down to planting our gardens. we live in the surroundings that we can’t control. we rely on everybody else to provide some restraints on what you grow and how we harvest.  we want clean air and water. we need plants to filter the air and soil. we rely on plants for food and energy. we put up fences for protection. some lives are grown indoors vs the great outdoors. the greenhouse effect, affects our lives. what you do indoors must be taken outdoors this planting season.

who would think gardening would become so popular. it’s fashionable to have a garden to grow healthy food because stores certainly don’t anymore. try to find health alternatives in your favorite restaurant can be daunting.  a few of my haunts have updated their cuisine.

earn a living by feeding people either with food or food for thought. the others who harvest the seeds we sow for profit. cutting down our growing thoughts for their own manifestations – that’s very unfashionable.

another season of sunshine. to short for my liking. shorten artificially by the greenhouse effect. wearing shorts for the tanning effect. shorten sleeves worn into the shorten evenings.

be constant in your beliefs. be the constant gardener. watch the movie ‘the constant gardener’.

she says … he says
what are we doing, next … ce qui est ceci, nous

for the mediterranean meal. tomato plants. fresh herb ideas. all the bulbs that have blossomed. to the three birds that have chosen my yard to nest.  the bees that will pollinate. the trees that shade our doubts, filter our air and roots that keep us firmly on the ground.

moral, yo
carefully choose your fertile ground. together we shall seed and sow our thoughts for others to weave. honesty will not deceive. as growing concerns just think of your family tree this planting season.

blogging, yo
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