weekly Tweets #3

the art of having the best children for tomorrow is .. art

i remember reading my first story. parents remember their kids first story. i like that

intentionally i leave the edges rough

the right person is allowed to tame

thinking of someone first before yourself. i like that

#cuckoolio. i like this word

people who pack a lunch. i like that

i’ll give a kids favorite recipe tonight. make it with them and they will learn. they will teach their kids ..

i gonna buy some parrots and let them loose. see how they work with the crow, magpie and bluejay.

it’s now or never ..

if i can dream ..

into the night ..

darkness becomes your blanket ..

silence is your pillow ..

all is calm ..


kids that don’t scream always have well mannered parents

sunrise. i get dressed. chores before breakfast. hat. gloves. boots are dirty. door hits me on way out.

dropped my glove. hat fell off. jacket doesn’t fit. dogs aren’t around. something different about this morning.

same walk to barn. seems quicker today. jumped the pen. through the gate. pail didn’t touch the ground once today.

animals seems happy. cat rubbing on my leg. dogs are barking in field. cows are content. horses whinny. i smell breakfast.

my hat flies off. boots kicked to floor. gloves dropped. pancakes and syrup this morning. that’s my favorite. it’s my birthday today

i’m growing like a weed. i kept the pail off the ground. first day doing chores alone. i did good. best gift ever ..

i want to imagine

they will be all right

i say good night

when the moon hits your eye. like a big-a pizza pie. that’s amore

we’ll have coffee on the porch. sunday morning. talk about the week that was. and the week that will be. until then ..


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