a Kids life

april 30th to may 6th | 2012

scenario, yo
the home run to wrapping up school for the season. college kids are finished. hitting the pavement for work. saying good-bye to high school mates. hello future. you are always a kids as long as you have parents. it’s a sad day when you are no longer a kid. a kid’s life, yo

mixology psychology
the chit chat. the quick converse. the hello how are you. all good stuff, this greeting thing. how have you been doing? how’s the folks? how’s the kids? how’s school? was the holiday fun? have you started golfing yet? is your motorcycle on the road yet? have you signed up for any sports this year? let’s talk more about it. we’ll go to a patio this summer ..

diners club
bit of a change up this week. dropped by neighborhood pub. very nice, indeed. polite staff who introduced themselves. frontend, bar and door folk all very pleasant. entertainment was a dual bonus. patio deck was open and ready to go. despite mostly a younger demographic most people would feel comfortable enjoying a beverage and snack to a certain time of night. i’m assuming weekdays would be a little more casual. all good, stayed for a couple and left before the kids showed up.

servers store your content. server software handles how your content is delivered. your piece of technology will determine what additional downloaded software you may require to view content. [apps] even the blog site require different [apps] to view content across the various [os] operating systems. youtube, facebook, twitter, pinterest, myspace are all cross-platform friendly. connect interactivity between your business and customers with these social media platforms. sadly, all this technology means kids are into their late 20’s or early 30’s before they have human interaction skills.

tip – retail & hospitality employment helps breakdown this interaction barrier.

weekly tweets #3 [click]

what in the world is going on. is this the calm before the storm? apart from the usual political misfits commenting, things have been quiet. here’s a image. you hear a noise and go outside to see a tank rolling down the street. would you throw a rock at it? that’s scary stuff and we have been letting syria do this for over a year. those are pretty brave citizens. cease-fire? how about removing the government and senior military. so much for the kids playing outside.

the food & beverage scene should benefit the kids working p/t or f/t while they are sorting out a career path. learning to interact with people of all ages will set you apart. you can’t put your looks on a resume. however, having a great resume and some facebook presence that clearly defines your direction is a great networking tool. if you are interested in photography try commenting on a professional photographers facebook update. remember to keep your gossip offline. if you gossip online you will gossip at the workplace. keep busy creatively, physically and academically and gossip will disappear, kids.

healthy finesse
kids lunch programs. food banks. getting outside. ride the bike. go for a run. spring is upon us. as summer nears we still need to pay attention to the food programs. seniors who rely on care and food services still need our attention, while our attention changes seasons. parents took you for dinner when you where younger. i see kids taking their parents for dinner. summertime allows those elders and younger folks with limited mobility to venture outside. in the frozen north those people sit behind a window and stare out watching everybody move about. this summer help out at a local hospital or seniors home. mental health for both patient and care-giver ..

on my recent pub visit i was quite impressed with the fashionable kids. getting the start in life and having a sense of freedom. a night on the town. social media for your business should reflect this fashionable behavior. ask for the snappy photos and jazz them up a bit. everyone will checkout the page and see how’s who. i bet you’ll be busier next week. so and so may even drop by, ooohh, aaahh …

only a child says mommy or daddy. everybody else uses your name. answer accordingly, please. a child is your gift.

she says … he says
try a guinness, i’ll pour it … okay!

some days we just need a little peace and quiet. a little alone time to reflect. providing that space and time is very generous. recognizing that everybody requires time to think about being human. it would be nice to relive a kids life. keeping kids in your life will keep you young.

moral, yo
we just want to grow up when we are young. become tall enough to see over the table. catch a ball or ride a bike. carry the pail so that it doesn’t drag on the ground. reach the latch on the gate. feed ourselves. when kids have to feed their parents you wish upon a kids life, no ..


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2 Responses to a Kids life

  1. As someone who visits my grandmother in the nursing home every day, I like your suggestion for people to volunteer some time in a seniors home. I agree that it is good for the mental health of both patient and care-giver. Life is always put into perspective after spending time with my grandmother…I realize how fast time goes by and what is important to focus on and what is not important. AND…I agree that keeping kids in your life will keep you young. It’s great to see the world through the eyes of a child!

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