weekly tweets #2

if you are going to follow someone on twitter. consider a photo and profile statement. maybe tweet a couple times …

a sign of weakness is when you try to suppress someone who is succeeding

a sign of success is when someone tries to emulate your direction in life

a sign someone will copy your idea is when they say ‘that’ll never work’

if you can’t change the world trying changing your approach.

maybe i’ll buy a vw camper and come visit … we’ll gather wood and start a fire

i’m trip, holiday and vacay to the max. i need an adventure. not knowing what’s around the corner

the alley we walk up. someone is cooking. the laundry is hanging. a dog walks beside us. kids chasing the ball … we’re lost together

we can’t read the menu. she keeps talking and waving her hands. we had food & wine. reaching for $. small boy says ‘we’ll take care of you’

the sun was setting. we heard voices over there. little boy grabbed her hand. we walked the alley way. a lantern glowed. music & dance

back to the camper. the fires were out. we lit a candle. uncorked the wine. sharing one glass sitting on the grass …

if you can imagine it. it will be your reality. the candle blows out …

i think when you decide to stop helping others is when you have decided you have been helped. healing begins …

as in any recovery situation the healing is equally as important as the cure for we want to limit the scar

we recognize the delicate touch of who we wish to unwrap the band-aid that has inhibited the heal. time to air it out

the depth of the injury coincides with the length of healing. equaling the combined area to which which we reflect upon

space and time, folks. space and ..

are relationships like a bottle of wine. lots of whining and dining. until you recognize your best wine by smell alone ..

don’t like me to change me. like me because i’m a change


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