Abracadabra hocus pocus

april 23rd to april 29th | 2012

scenario, yo
lets just say the spell is broken. i was in a funk. complaining aloud helped the change. lessons learned, lessons taught. don’t like me to change me. like me because i’m a change. don’t help people who don’t want help. help yourself first. no magic in that.

mixology psychology
habit forming aren’t we. sitting down at the same. expecting the usual. we have to break the spell. getting into a funk that punks don’t recognize. there is no magic in learning a lesson of life. it just happens and you have to deal with it. a magicians helper is nice to have though.

diners club
i’m always amused by the copy cats. those few who prefer to watch you perform tricks than practice some of their own. dressing up and taking her out for dinner is becoming the norm. thanks for following. perhaps if i dig deep enough into the hat of life i may find another rabbit to pull out. keep visiting the restaurants people. talk about food and beverage. support your locals. i have a few more reviews up my sleeve.

i tried to load up some blog and websites to a few smart phones and with no success. the phones aren’t that smart. how are we supposed to know what app to use if we can’t access what we want to know. magically we are supposed to download random apps for future reference. eventually, cross platforms technology with eliminate the need for apps. business meetings, social affairs, charity auctions where everybody at the table is staring at their smart phone. that’ not smart. time to connect with the people who you are with in the moment or they may disappear.

the voting is done. now lets see what the results will be. the wicked witch of the west will have to visit the lake of fire for more hocus pocus. the presidential formal was excellent. humor is so much more interesting when intelligence is the foundation and misinformation is the target. [mitt-information] UN is finally in syria monitoring. we have been monitoring this situation for over a year now. lets start resolve. north korea dude – what the hell – wizard of oz show. who is pulling his strings.

i love having a vision and bringing a project together. i also can see a project at seed and will let others sow it. take the idea and reap the rewards people. you have to venture on your own and initiate something rather than try to duplicate what others have done. my weekly tweets #2 [click] personal marketing [click] opportunity knocks [click]

healthy finesse
the outdoor season is upon us. get outside folks. get the bike tuned up and ride. runners know what i mean. rowing or paddling. the central nervous system response to natures intangibles. you cannot duplicate indoors. coordination, balance and reflexes can be practiced indoors, but they get developed outdoors. think rock climbing.

ask your trainer about developing supportive strength for the motorcycle and cycling season. also seasonal trade workers should change their routine. backyard warriors who garden … fit some fitness into your regime.

i see a creative. i see an adventurer. i see a lifestyle. harley davidson is having a banner year. dayton boots since 1946. handmade leather goods based out of vancouver, b.c.  [click] musicians and bikers are always fashionable. that’s why most of them wear daytons. alpinestars [click] are required for the season. adidas [click] and taylormade [click] to supplement the rest. i thinking about some smith optics [click]. i also may make the transition to transition bikes [click].

i will write about a pubservation i had recently and perhaps link it here. i also may just post it separately. i write about past moments as reminded by someones actions. i always tell people to like me as a friend and stop thinking about anything else. the female mind is way to relationship orientated, so clarity up front is required. of course that can sometimes backfire – when they become annoying, defensive, argumentative, mean, rude … blah, blah, blah. you guys know what i mean. the magicians helper that wants more … but, i just hired you as the helper. know you have made things difficult. hocus pocus please disappear.

she says … he says
i like when things turn green …  the magic of rain.

for breaking the spell. the habit of the rabbit getting pulled from the proverbial hat of life. the book of spells opened to dispel what has ailed. i prefer not to see that act again or the performers – thanks, yo.

moral, yo
relationships can end whereas friendships can last forever. i think it’s a compliment to say lets be friends first. solve the bits and pieces of life before getting on with life. knowing who’s who. abracadabra i can see clearly now. hocus pocus i can focus.

blogging, yo
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