weekly tweets #1

nothing says spring than teaching someone to ride a bike. the first push you know … when you say i’m still holding on

on some mornings when the sun shines it feels like the day is smiling for you. i like those days …

the smell of spring is in the air

listening to the sound of wind is far more intriguing than standing in it. your imagine ..

standing at the piers end feeling the winds touch let you know the earth is alive ..

on some days the rain feels like the earth is crying …

if only rain could wash away pain we would always be clean ..

a walk in the park always helps … just ask the trees

it’s sad to think that people are all of our problems

close your eyes, imagine walking towards the wind blowing thru the trees, feel the rain on your skin. the earth is alive while you sleep

the stars are twinkling for you. the sun is rising somewhere. tomorrow is on the horizon. we’ll see you there …

lifting the lantern globe to blow out the wick, a breeze from the poorly sealed windows flickers the flame one more time … then darkness

pack your bags, we’ll go for ride …

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3 Responses to weekly tweets #1

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  2. dfmw: great photograph & thoughts… RT

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