help by Helping

april 16th to april 22nd | 2012

scenario, yo
sunshine, it does the body & soul good. if i lend you my hand will you help me. nothing nice about pulling the plug on something that never began. variety is the spice of life. the more the merrier they say. marriage with children on the 3rd rock from the sun sorta way – if that helps.

mixology psychology
listening to the ‘been there done that’ generation vs the ‘next’ generation from the ‘middle’ generation seats. trying to find a comfortable spot to set up camp. stretching the generation gap of friendship provides – teach, listen, learn and laughter. that’s the help we really need.

diners club
we were looking for an eclectic group of folks to enjoy the ‘on the town’ evenings. the invitations were all accepted – thank you. this will be fun, indeed. those invited will get the ‘low down’ on how this plays out. keep in mind there are a few more folk we would like to invite if we ever see them … talking to us helps clarify.

finally, all the talk about cross-platforms between tech. and software is coming together. we have been working on content to be entertaining and informative yet viewable across multiple platforms. well that day is becoming closer all the time. apple, samsung and blackberry will have to change their operating systems to handle the cms content that we are providing [cms = content management system] this is going to help big time.

lets just say the situation around here is do or die this monday evening. the cult of personality vs personality will be voted on tomorrow. on the edge of reality – the supremacy party is trying to win an election by threatening the intellectual citizens. anticipate a movie from this drama currently being played out by the usual suspect party. no hillbilly party will not help the culture of this province or canada.

i learned that friends can interfere with the process. both good and bad. both personal and business. but, they can also help. questions and answers from finding the balance between the two. relationship smarts meets the worldly smarts. reaching back to lend a helping hand while we move ahead. eventually, our hand will not be reachable. you can help by helping – just reach for the hand.

healthy finesse
we did a diners club ‘night out’ and was surprised by the amount sauce used to dress everything. clean eating defines your body and brain. after a good meal, life becomes high definition. the science of food [click]

not riding your motorcycle when the roads are still dirty and cold is fashionable. wearing your riding gear out with anticipation of this season is fashionable. golf attire is showing up on everybody. i have seen a few short shorts on the gals – happy. cycling shorts worn by my little buddy gave me the idea to pursue a new video theme. being creative means anything can inspire what you desire. everything helps the process.

ending things before they even have a chance to start, saddens me. so, i thought i’d change things up a little. some of my tweets throughout the week. all just for you few. i hope they help. [click] take you higher [click]

she says … he says … she says
where are my flowers … they’re still growing … good answer

to those few who realize that we self-help ourselves by helping others. you can see that. you helped us by helping.

moral, yo
i can use words, photos & videos to help those online willing to acknowledge the help process. i don’t have the same luck with those few people in person. you are not helping yourself when you refuse to help others. i hope this helps …

blogging, yo
crisp clean clear | ecoclectic built | motor workx | retailization | weirdly written


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