Balvenie – New Make Whisky Tasting Notes

i have not tried white whisky yet. will do so, soon. thanks for post. i do like the balvenie brand.

The Whisky Woman

A couple of weeks ago I had the ultimate whisky-geek experience of being temporarily uprooted from my busy life in NYC to partake in the more relaxed lifestyle of the Scots in Speyside, Scotland.  One of the highlights being a very personal and memorable visit with David Steward at the Balvenie distillery (see my post on that visit HERE).

While there, I tasted some very rare and exceptional drams which I’ll continue to write about in upcoming posts.  The first of which, however, was their new make (also known as “white whisky”) which is the distillate prior to any aging.  It’s clear, fresh and bright and is the important base of all of their beautiful variations.  This is not something that is ever bottled and sold by Balvenie, despite a trend across the pond by the American craft distillers who have been releasing their white whiskies & moonshines over…

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  1. Hey!
    Thanks so much for reblogging my post! You’re awesome.
    Let me know if you ever get a chance to try this yummy dram!

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