steakout #2

diners club review

scenario, yo

location: alberta

guests: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

seating: table | booth | bar [75 seat dining, 25 seat wind lounge, 6 chairs at bar, 12 riser chairs at 2 riser tables]

host: 1- welcome &  greeting, 2nd – seating, enjoy, checkup, accepted methods of payment, no-reservations yet they accommodated us.

owner: yes, and two follow up visits to table, complimented the wine choice.

server: well informed, polite, introduction, welcome, greeting, follow-ups, up-sales, corkage, re-fills.

bus: very quick, quiet, water always full, dishes removed promptly

food runner: well done, placed on table and turned, plate is hot, pepper mill.

beverage(s): red wine, aus – shiraz, full presentation

menu: dinner menu, dessert menu, wine list, wine by glass list, 1/2 orders and kids. menu was not very creative. steak, veal, salmon, chicken, pasta dish.

food: 8 oz. new york cut with 6 oz. lobster tail, rare, 28 day age. steak was very good. prairie lobster was as expected. dinner included soup. all meals served with same vegetables. no bread.

atmosphere: steak house, theme based, wood & stone, dined inside, warm & comfortable seating,  door opening drafts winter weather inside,  full window frontage, city view.

fun factor: very pleasant & friendly, very family orientated, party tables, wine bar was full, chit chatter heard all around, kids running around. lively. for anyone not wanting to cook at home this place is perfect to eat the restaurant version of your favorite dinner with exceptional service in a family friendly environment.

$200 for 4 to dine, allow 2 hours

overall, yo: good, great, excellent [parking outside or underground]

result = (1 to 12) + time + cost [i’ll get more detailed about food during next diners club]


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