communication Breakdown, yo

april 8th to 15th | 2012

scenario, you
we have started to breakdown the list of candidates to assist in a fun charitable cause. social media was the determining factor. letting off some steam on the dance floor. meeting new people and sharing their stories of explore. all stuff i do adore.

mixology  psychology
i wrote a little piece about my experience sharing stories from both side of the bar. communication breakdown exists when folk are unable to vocalize ideas without the abbreviated keyboard. a well timed phrase or sentence can determine a person’s lifestyle. the more you have done or are interested in the more you communicate vocally. [click]

diners club
a quick spin on the dance floor leads to dinner the following night. we have another weekly road trip to a restaurant. read my weekly road trip for the diners club food review this week. [click]

art show – annual art society show later this month.

we decided to use social media as the determining factor in deciding who would be best suited to build a fun social fundraiser business model. the division was between the users of technology for chitter chatter or creative connectivity. we choose creative connectivity. [click]

pubservation game – try doing something weird and watch the look on people’s faces when they receive the text. customers and staff are always texting during most nights. give them something to text about.

rule of #3 – outdoors | lifestyle | creative

facebook – buys instragram for $1billion. [not bad for 2 year old start-up]

oh, boy! lets not start talking politics around the pubs. your best beer buddy may become unruly. poking holes in the media coverage and the politicians is okay. but, what a way to mess up pub friendships. i check my political hat at the door. communication breakdown in government is one thing – you don’t want that to happen with friends and family.

i’d go back to college days in a flash. the real world is becoming to vivid with people who are livid. delaying school days until you are older is ridiculous. difference between school and work – school is where everyone wants to learn something | work is where everyone things they know everything.

read – power of how by eckhart tolle

healthy finesse
dancing the night away as they say. burn off some calories while having some fun. listening to a live band play some original songs that we all danced to was damn fine. healthier food choices on the menu certainly determines the cultural sophistication of the neighborhood demographics.

[food & fitness] – nadia G. and tommy europe are coming to town.

when spring arrives and rain turns to snow mid-downfall you have wardrobe malfunctions. heading out to dinner and leaving in a snow storm. welcome to the northern hemisphere. celebrities getting on top of the government to stop the seal hunts. clubbing the little critters does seem primitive. i’m sure there is a better solution to this matter. ethically source fur garments provide warmth better than anything man made. ever owned a down jacket, woolen sweater, linen sheets, cotton shirts, silk lingerie … [agriculture]

synthetics aren’t not for everybody and most are chemically based and pollute. source your composites like your naturals. read labels and refer to the web site. ethical companies will promote heavy. watchout for the companies with limited information about their sourcing.

it takes time to make room in your life after years of going alone. it also takes it’s toll on those willing to wait. sometimes they don’t wait and you end up back in your lonely place. [click]

one very recognizable celebrity blogger has confessed that her daughter is a mean girl. signs of mean girls – she never has any problems and seems like the happy child. often kids of parents known around town can be the bully. i have heard of situations where the reverse is the case. either way it starts by identifying the bully and stopping it.

she says … he says.
would you like to dance with us …. absolutely!

clearly the air the other night. love the results but hate doing it. 12 dancers enjoying the night was quite a delight. [click]

moral, yo
drawing the line between funny, flatter or just chitter chatter. how people respond to events and conversation helps determine their participation in plenty of pre-planned directives. using social media platforms for detrimental gossip or developmental gain. one will initiate a communication breakdown, yo

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