clearing the Air

it just had to be done. when rumors hit the fan mill of life and i’m involved it becomes time to clear the air.

time to start all over again. clear the past and move forward in life. those who made things difficult and awkward for me and my friends will have to find new people to chit chat about. we are not going to vacuum and store anything – nope. everything is cleared and removed from the memory banks to make room for more good. the bad data is erased and swept into another external storage source that we can no longer access. delete

what will now fill the void we have left behind. well, just you wait and maybe you’ll find. questions and answers have helped clarify those who contribute to our daily happiness and those who don’t. we have simply laid out a commonality list of things and asked the questions. your answers have determined the results. everyone we have met over the past years will not be forgotten. we would never forget anyone that’s just rude. it’s just that when you build your life plan and goals you have to streamline the folks who will best support and share in the experience.  three basic qualities have helped in determining these folks. …

rule of #3 – outdoors + lifestyle + creative = common denominator


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3 Responses to clearing the Air

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  2. I’ve had to do this, too, in the last year. I referred to it as ‘detoxing’ toxic relationships 🙂

    • dfmw says:

      i used common denominators to help defined my decision. it’s just way easier dealing with people who think and do the same as yourself.

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