Rant rave rate

i try to be that joyful lad throughout my daily bits & pieces. but, on occasion like today i’m going to critique both the good, the bad and the ugly. my new category is called ‘rant rave rate’. i think that is an appropriate title as i will critique, compliment and evaluate my pubservations this week.

things must pile up before frustration sets into our brains. we try to sort the matters out before things really start to hit the rumor mill fan. spreading out wildly like a broken bag of seeds sewn in the wrong field of dreams. nothing but bad dreams can come of this. the problem with not keeping yourself busy with more important matters of the brain or heart leaves the wandering sole to seed a new culture into the current crop of events.

on the rant side of the field; we can complain about our daily, weekly or monthly issues. mid season as the seeds of thought continue to grow new followers add to the milling rumors. eventually, it all comes down to the final harvest of both good and bad after a season of growing. we now turn to the culture of the crop and either praise or reprise our field of dreams.

on the rave side of the field; people need people. that is the genealogical make-up of being human. the dna separation between the human and primate defines more physical differences than social behaviors. summed up people like primates need to be together. we are social creatures. people or primates that want to be alone are not normal. sorry to say that folks but, our genes define us more than your life experiences. yes, i agree that certain people and or groups can encourage people to live a life of independence. but, that is because of bad social and cultural behavior from our species.

on the rate side of the field; i will often walk into a public house for a chit chat with the local community. travel anywhere in the world and business people, travelers and locals gather together to share our social culture sewn from the same gene pool. some few folks even visit a local watering hole to reflect alone, yet they feel comfortable with the noise and conversation at another table or stool. people wanting to be alone in company. have you ever tried to be seen in private?

the inherent ability for the human species to group together is indeed repeated in other animals within our kingdom. but, it is our language skills that separates us from them. as we sit among our similar type, can we recognize their ability to communicate – no, we can’t. the only way to know if someone can communicate is by asking or listening. from the outside we humans all look similar. bipedals, walking into a establishment and sitting down at a table or stool waiting for friends or perhaps just hanging. it is the ability to speak that takes our need to socialize to the next level that defines our species.

conversation is best served with like minded people. just being human does not define the like mind. the chances of even sitting down next to a like minded individual could be slim. where to plant your proverbial butt when you enter the premise. if you sit at the bar expect open conversation or try sitting in the corner table for privacy. please, don’t take up space on the bar so other conversationalist can’t plant their ideas.

the more we have planted the same crop and watched it grow, the more we have to talk about the results. this is an excellent time for those who are just learning to grow – to listen in. perhaps we want to try seeding a new crop of ideas and would love the input from those experienced. well that is the purpose of common people getting together. we want to discuss commonalities.

so, instead of everyone having a chance meeting out in the field of dreams one farmer decided to cash in on a good yield and have the local community of like minded over for a pint. it only took a couple rainy days to realize that maybe they should hold this session of conversation indoors. eventually the special little place were the locals, travelers and businessmen hung out became known as ‘the public house’. a place where we can all go to rant, rave and rate.


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