easter Bunny hunt

is a life filled with a comedy of errors …

april 2nd to april 8th | 2012

scenario, yo
people are like rabbits crawling out of their hole this fine spring. spring in their steps. always liked the bunny in pop culture. playboy and bugs that wascally wabbit. plenty of culture absent in this province of wildroses. lots of candidates laying eggs, yo.

mixology psychology
watching other people go crazy is a nice break. sit back and enjoy the hunt. unleash the foxes and giddy-up. the annual spring fling is always in the air. searching high and low for you know what. everyone forgets to look for that special person whom maybe in plain sight. i will remember chocolate next time by 🙂

weekly update
i wrote about the women bully effect in life last week. the daily mail in london ran an article about how women are refused promotion by their female bosses because of looks. ‘i’m to pretty to promote’ the article had 1.5million hits and earned £ 30,000 a week in advertising revenue. [for those of you wondering how blogs make money] pretty will get you further. however pretty and smart is a killer combo. just being smart is the hardest work with best rewards. choose one and start your own business. stop hunting for someone else’s eggs.

change game – i’m still trying to find someone interested in providing another perspective on the 12 changes and a children’s interactive game, i will continue searching – no rush.

diners testing club – 1 dinner and 1 lunch review to post.

pinterest is now #3 in social media users. groupon crashing. i would use the dual phone thing for years – personal and business. think i have to do that again. gps devices enables your clients to learn of your where-abouts during a call. perhaps you are visiting a new client or competitor. ever have your friend leave a funny message on your phone while it was sitting in sight of a client. worse yet, there are 3 different operation systems – sometimes we have to use several to beta trial our product. smart phone easter egg hunting for the kids – i bet that tastes good.

tweeting my opinions about the provincial campaigns opened the door to the uncultured society of alberta. sarah palins fans have moved north of the border. during snl skit saturday night, kristen wigg does a great impression of drew barrymore which sounds like one of the provincial candidates. i don’t know what rabbit these folks will pull out of the proverbial hat but it’s likely stewing no good.

the learning curve of life. moving from one phase to another and determining who should come along for the ride. there are only so many seats on this crazy train. i’m always the last one to know anything among family, friends and peers. that’s why i like education – you can ask questions and get straight answers. on some days they just give you the answer they know you were looking for. if only looking for that special treat in life was that simple.

music trivia – best tried with a group of people or a lot of help from staff … and a few nice customers.

healthy finesse
i am a stand-up eater or a walk around and get things done type of eater. jumping around with customers in the service industry for years starts to form habits. sitting down for long periods of time bores the hell out of me, i always hop up. however, sitting down with the kids at the family dinner table is healthy in many ways. not only for the food aspect but the mental aspect of eating together. sit down with your kids and enjoy a proper meal once a day. your kids will learn and do the same with … your grandchildren. easter dinner shouldn’t be the only time everyone gets together.

i noticed red. i see a teacher. i see a cowgirl. is see a gypsy. i see a pin-up girl. i also like the jeans and t-shirt staple. the masters golf tournament is on and everyone has golf on their mind. i know people who wear nicer golf wear than i do for a business meeting. probably costs more too. golf fashion brands have become popular to wear everyday during the summer. wear some golf attire when you are doing a social at your local watering hole and someone may suggest playing a game of golf. perhaps she is a swinger.

pinterest – fashion & style [click]

gift giving – obi-wan kenobi said it best ‘move along now’ [when you can’t get any answers from asking or listening]

online/cyber bullying is really crazy on the tweeter boards. especially with the provincial election. supporters of parties offending basic human rights issues. best solution for these folks is to retweet to the masses. everyone will get the idea and block the individual. the social media groups will also block the ip addresses of these individuals or groups. the ‘go lay and egg’ answer to social media bullying.

[book] – queen bees and wannabes by rosalind wiseman.

she says … he says.
are you learning anything about her …. nope!

hugs are good yeah. i like the energy giving hand shake. acknowledging someone with a pat on the back is good stuff. humans interacting with humans.

moral, yo
spring has sprung while we wait for the flowers to rise. don’t plant yourself on the couch get up and move. identifying an idea in seed form is genius. planting the seed of thought is just plain smart. keep things short and sweet and hopefully to the point. just like easter dinner with family. avoid life’s comedy of errors on your hunt to spring ahead. that’s all folks 🙂

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